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"Third Watch" After Hours (2000)

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The gang from 55th Precinct sees impotent a car accident that kills four teenagers. Being traumatized by it the gang separates in some groups (Yocas, Sully and Doc; Bosco, Kim and Jimmy; Davis, Alex and Carlos) after the job, by the night. The first group decides to go a bar, talking about the work and the poor payments they receive along the year. Meeting a lost girl in the bar, with her go to a carrusel, where two patrol cops reprimand them by the illegal use of the carrusel. Time later Sully takes the lost girl to her home, where he meets a man he saved to comitte suicide. The second group goes to a pub, where Davis drunks. After to go out the bar, this one vomits and a boy appears to help them, arriving later to the street of the accident, that now it is restored by cleaning workers. The third group goes to the bowl after a strong discussion in another bar where they were. In the bowl they meet a happy young couple, and Kim gifts to the girl a crown she took from the car accident's place. Later Sully meets Kim, Jimmy and Carlos, and the four arrive Connie Island, where the rest goes to see the sunrise without to know that the teenagers they met were the spirits of the teenagers dead in the accident, sent back to Earth to tell that the accident couldn't be prevented by them and that they don't must to feel guilty by their deaths.
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