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"That's My Mama" The Hero (1975)

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Hank, Clifton's cousin, returns to Washington D.C. to attend his dad's funeral. Hank had to run out of town years before because he testified against a bad guy named Doc. Doc gets word that Hank is back in town. He comes to Clifton's barbershop, stating that he is out for revenge. Doc also hints that anyone found protecting Hank will be in trouble, too.

Clifton gets the idea to pretend that Hank is dead. He sets up a fake funeral with the help of Earl and Leonard. Doc shows up to make sure Hank is really gone. The game is nearly blown when Junior, pretending to be a preacher, refers to the deceased as "a fine woman." After the funeral, Doc is so impressed by Junior's preaching that he forces him to come with him to the river. Doc wants Junior to say a few words over some former business associates of Doc's. Hank is able to attend his father's funeral in peace and leave town in safety.

Later, Junior shows up at the barber shop to explain how the memorial service Doc wanted him to preside over went. Junior flashes all the money Doc paid him.


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