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Sex & Nudity

  • 9/10
  • The whole episode basically revolves around sophomore Jackie being pregnant with Kelso's baby, though they later find out this is untrue and Donna going on contraceptives in fear of this. Though the whole episode revolves around these premises and tries to be comical, it also portrays it negatively and discouragingly.
  • Jackie tells Eric she's pregnant, and Eric tells Donna.
  • Jackie says she "needs all the food she can get", implying pregnancy.
  • Not knowing she thinks she's pregnant, Kelso suggests that he breaks up with her, prompting Eric to yell at him defensively.
  • Jackie says she is "carrying Michael Kelso's child".
  • Donna asks Jackie why she didn't "use" something, implying condom usage, and Jackie says that she was told she couldn't get pregnant eight days after her period, though she doesn't know if this is the first or last day.
  • Donna says that Jackie "had sex" with Kelso.
  • Eric tells Kelso Jackie is pregnant, and he faints.
  • Red says "Be responsible for your actions" and Kelso says, "That's real easy for you to say", implying the irresponsibility of premarital sex.
  • Donna and Midge talk about Jackie being pregnant, and Midge says she "had a flashback to when she was sixteen". Midge says, "The backseat of a car is no place to be worrying about birth control".
  • Kelso says he is going to be responsible and stay with his pregnant girlfriend.
  • Fez says Jackie's "muckatots" will get huge, and although it is implied this is breasts, Fez later reveals he meant "feet".
  • Kelso says he will never have sex again, and Eric says he couldn't get Donna pregnant because they're not having sex, and also says he wants to have sex.
  • We learn Donna is on the pill.
  • Donna dresses in a risque getup and she says she has to "study", implying coitus or sexual activity in Bob's dream sequence. It also says Donna is "open for business", and that Donna can have sex with multiple partners because she is on the pill.
  • A bra is mentioned.
  • Red and Kitty discourage Eric from having sex, or at least practicing it safely. Kitty insists that it isn't dirty, but he should be cleanly in sexual activity. Red and Kitty also disagree about whether or not foreplay is important.
  • Midge and Bob have a discussion about Eric figuratively getting Donna pregnant, and they allude to the fact that it happened to them.
  • Jackie approaches Donna happily saying that she isn't pregnant, and Donna encourages her to not forget about it and insists that she can't be stupid furthermore.
  • Jackie says Donna is going to be "so popular" because she's on the pill.
  • Hyde explains the concept of contraceptives to an unknowing Hyde, and Fez questions how Hyde could be pregnant with such a useful invention.
  • Jackie breaks up with Kelso in fear of repeating a pregnancy scare after telling him she isn't pregnant.
  • Eric discusses that his parents know Donna is on the pill and says he had a nice conversation with them about foreplay sarcastically.
  • Eric implies than he and Donna could have sex, but she says they should wait for the right time.
  • Bob calls Eric "horny" in his mind.

Violence & Gore


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 4/10
  • Red says he thinks Kelso is on dope.
  • Hyde mentions a liquor store.
  • Donna goes on Orthonovum, birth control pills, though this is medically, not recreationally. Cough medicine is also mentioned.
  • Cocktails are mentioned.

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