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Ice Shack (#3.10)
ComedyFan20105 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Kelso takes his friends to an ice shack to win Jackie back. Fez makes them compete against Eric and Donna to see which guy knows his girl more and Kelso wins. Jackie thinks that maybe she should get back with him. But when he loses his van she doesn't want anymore. Hyde gives Leo a ride and finds out that Leo has drugs on him. They get stopped by the police only turns out that it is dog food. Kitty wants Red to make Laurie do something about her life and she decides to go to beauty school.

I laughed so hard when Kelso's van sinks and his conversation with Jackie then. But I wish now they would get back together, it was so cute how he knew all her answers!

The part with Hyde and Leo was also very funny. I love how Leo's dog's name is Dr Zhivago. I just hope people know by know that eating weed is very bad for dog's health and can be lethal. Be careful!
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