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Hyde Moves In (#1.24)
ComedyFan20106 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Hyde's mom leaves and abandons him. Eric tries to help him and tells his parents. Red first doesn't want to let him move in because they don't have money. But when visiting Hyde they see that they need to get him home. Kelso freaks out after seeing Jackie without make up and sick.

Well that was a fun episode and wonder how long it will go from now on with Hyde living with them at home. I am sure this will add some fun to it. The scene where Red yells at him is hilarious. All the beeping and him being angry, it was a perfect scene.

Kelso's reaction to Jackie is weird. It is just a joke but it doesn't work so well because such a young beautiful girl looks good without make up as well.
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One of the best episodes from Season One
Christopher Smith18 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When "That '70s Show" premiered in August of 1998, I was instantly blown away by it. At the time, the pilot episode was the funniest episode of any sitcom that I had ever seen. I wasn't alive in the 1970s so I couldn't really relate to the series, but for some reason, the show just seemed to be perfect. The casting was top-notch, the directing was creative, and the writing was smart and far above typical sitcom writing. As a result, Seasob One of the show ended up being one of the best seasons the show ever had. Almost all the episodes in Season One are very strong episodes. Among the highlights is this one.

The episode starts off wonderfully as the gang is drives around bored, looking for something to do. This leads to them all going skinny-dipping off-camera. Their clothes get stolen, leading to one of the funniest scenes of the season and the highlight of the episode. Although the episode never reaches the level of hilarity of the opening, the episode is remains funny throughout. This is one of the most important episodes in the series' history since it is the episode where Hyde moves in with the Forman family. Writer Mark Hudis and director Danny Trainer could have gone down the dramatic route and focused on the abandonment of Hyde by his mother, but they wisely decide to stick to humor, something that isn't done as much in later seasons. What makes Hyde Moves In such a memorable episode is the chemistry between leads Topher Grace and Danny Masterson. Two of the most talented young actors working today, the duo works extremely well together, capturing the bond between best friends perfectly. It's a shame Grace couldn't stick around for the final season for without him, the show seems to have lost its strongest leg.

Episode Grade: A
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