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Donna's Panties (#3.15)
ComedyFan20106 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Eric pulls Donna's pants down and reveals her granny panties. After that he has to deal with her forgiving him. Kelso is cheated on by Laurie on Valentine's Day and realizes what he did to Jackie. Fez starts going steady with Caroline but she may be more problematic than he thought.

It seems that this is when Laurie disappears because we don't see her in this episode and it is obviously a step towards making her character less important to appear.Must be when Lisa Robin Kelly had drugs and drinking problems when filming. We'll see where she will actually go by the scenario. Also great how this move makes it more likely for Kelso and Jackie to get back together.

I also loved the story on making women mad. Especially how Red told Eric the story about Kitty's shoes that hasn't been forgotten for 14 years. Kitty was as hilarious as always in this episode.

And yes, I am sure there will be more fun coming from Fez's dating life!
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