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Captain Zap is a computer hacker who broke into F.L.A.G.s computers and now the team has to find him. He is located in an old brick building and the doors have alarms on them. The team and vehicles come up with several ideas of how to get in. However, Erica goes old schoolenter through the open window. They manage to get in and Captain ZapCorky Fleming (Sadie Kratig Stratton) who has heard of Trek. Corky tries to explain her hacking into sensitive information are accidents. Trek finds Corky amusing and pretty. While leaving with Corky, Dante is attacked by several missile launchers. The attackers disable them and kidnap Corky. Even with a mask on, Kyle thinks he recognizes one of the men. Dante and Beast argue about the attack and Trek gets real snarky. (Obviously Trek is infatuated with Corky.) Watching a video of the attack, Kyle identifies one of the men as KGB Officer Alexi Markov (Herman Sinitzyn). Kyle ran into Markov eight years ago and he left Kyle for dead. Kyle decides to pay a visit to the godfather of the Russian Mob who knew Kyles father. Kyles father sold out the Russian mob. The Godfather is not happy that Kyle came by and tries to have him killed. Dante intervenes and whisks Kyle away.

Yuri (George Tasudis) contacts Kyle. He reminds Kyle that his father betrayed his country; but he also saved his life and Yuri wants to repay the favor. Markov will kill Yuri if he ever finds out about the email so Kyle deletes it. Yuri tells Kyle to go Rockwell, Iowa to find that he is looking for. The team goes to the center of town and start scanning. While wandering the town, the Sheriff is keeping a close eye on them. Duke meets a kid, Billy Statton (Greg Trock), who knows everything about baseball. The Sheriff is not happy with their presence and basically tells the team to leave town. The Sheriff gets a call about Trek and Erica by the mountain with a shielded door. They are greeted by the Sheriff and the Russian mob. Plato and Kat debate what to do when Trek and Erica dont return. Duke realizes what is wrong with the townit seems to be stuck in a 70s time warp. (I.e. Billy only has baseball cards from the 70s and all the books in the library are about America. It is also too perfect.) Kyle thinks that this town is a training ground for Russians to become perfect Americans. While in custody Trek notices what is on the computer screen they are selling off Captain Zap and her services to the highest bidder. Erica and Trek get thrown in the same cell as Corky. They are way over their heads and Kyle decides it is time for them to leave. Trek tells Corky that they are not here to rescue her, but to arrest her. She pegs Trek that she is no more a criminal than he isonly he hasnt been caught. (He hacks into sensitive data all the time.) Erica has some non-approved devices and manages to get them out of the cell. However, the Russians are on to them and the vehicles communication devices are being jammed. Markov calls a town meeting to figure out what to do with Kyle and friends. Trek hacks in to the power grid and uses Morse code through the traffic lights to contact the team. Jenny realizes what is happening and Domino translates.

Kyle follows the crowd to the council meeting and Holly meets him with a gun. She says his team is in grave danger. Kyle lets her know that he knows the town in about; however, the Cold War is over so why is the town still existing? Holly says that the leadership in Russia has changed so quickly and often that nobody knows what is really going on and none of them want to return to Russia. They have made lives for themselves and will do anything to keep the town a secreteven kill. Holly says not all of them are like that. Holly and Kyle are caught by Markov and the Sheriff. Kyle tells the townspeople that all illegal aliens were granted immunity and anyone born in the US is automatically an US citizen. Markov tells them that he doesnt think this would apply to spies. Kyle says he doesnt see any spies. Duke and Jenny rescue Trek, Erica, and Corky. Dante comes to Kyle and Hollys rescue. A siren goes off signally a raidcomplete with tanks and missiles trying to stop them. They cannot leave the town until they find Bobby Statton. Jenny wants to fire on the tank, but Holly says nothey are just boys. So the vehicles try to buy Kyle some time so he can find Bobby. Trek is hurt during the stalling and Jenny and Corky go to him. Bobby runs in front of the tank and begs them not to shoot his friends. Holly runs to save Bobby and Holly appeals to Christopher (Aaron Nelms), the tank driver. The boys stand down. Trek will be okay and the attraction is mutual between him and Corky. Meanwhile, the Sheriff and Markov try to run but are cornered by Kat and Domino. They will pay for their crimes. The rest of them are safe. If this got out, it would be a real embarrassment to the US government. It would easier for the US government just to forget about them. Kyle meets the rest of the team to find out that Corky escaped. Kyle thinks they will be okay with F.L.A.G. Mayor Holly Statton (drug store owner): Michelle Joyner, Sheriff Bert Cassidy: Kim Robillard, Librarian: Roz McHenry, Precocious Girl: Janelle Ginestra, Russian Mobster: Thomas Gold, Drozhdoy: Krikor Satamian


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