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Gambling always does you harm in the end.
Paul Evans9 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
William Botibol is a hardened gambler, he's on an Atlantic cruiser enjoying a holiday. Clearly a little bored he has designs on winning the Ship's Pool, a prize fund based on the distance the ship would travel, he wages his bet, getting the low field using his last $1000, the weather is awful, storms and sickness, but when he wakes the next day, it's glorious and the sun is shining. William Botibol has to come up with a way of slowing the ship down, tragically he puts his trust in the wrong person.

We would see William Botibol again, Jack Weston made him quite a sad yet interesting character, a good outing for him, but I prefer his second outing in William Botibol's first love. Nevertherless, a good performance from him.

It's a sad tale, with out lead cutting a fairly tragic figure, you just know it's going to end badly. 6/10
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Decent Tales of the Unexpected episode.
Paul Andrews11 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Tales of the Unexpected: A Dip in the Pool is set aboard a cruise ship called the Atlantic Voyger where they hold a daily auction in which the Captain works out how many miles he thinks the ship will travel in 24 hours & people bid on that number, a number within 10 either side of it or a 'higher' & 'lower field' bet which goes beyond any of the other other numbers either higher or lower. A passenger named William Botibol (Jack Weston) is convinced that the Captain didn't take into account the huge storm they have run into & thinks that it will significantly slow the ship down so he bids everything he has on the lower field in an attempt to win the £14,000 pot, unfortunately the storm ends rather prematurely & the ship is able to make a huge amount of ground up unless William can slow it's progress of course...

This Tales of the Unexpected story was episode 8 from season 1 & originally aired here in the UK during May 1979, the second of two tales of the Unexpected episodes to be directed by Michael Tuchner this is one of the better stories from this show. The story by Roald Dahl was dramatised by Ronald Harwood & this wasn't the first time this story had been adapted into a story for an anthology TV series coming after Danger: A Dip in the Pool (1954), during his introduction Dahl states that he is/was a gambler & once bet that his wife would give birth to twins & then moments later bet that he would loose his original wager! Anyway, this story has the unique Dahl quirkiness about it, in both the set up & the effective twist ending which actually works very well for a change. The character's are alright although at only 25 odd minutes in length it's difficult to develop them, overall I'd say this is one of the better episodes from this usually average & somewhat forgettable show.

Obviously shot entirely on 35mm film & on-board an actual cruise ship this one looks pretty good, it hasn't dated too badly & it's generally well made. The acting is OK & as always I'm impressed with the Brit casts in these things.

A Dip in the Pool is a decent little tale with a twist, it's nothing spectacular but it makes for a perfectly watchable 25 minutes, at least worth a watch if nothing else.
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