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Starts out with a little girl, Audrey, practicing her violin and her mom, Edith, telling her to go to bed because her Uncle Richard is coming over the next day. When he comes, it's Audrey's birthday and Uncle Richard has brought her a dollhouse with dolls. He said that he found it and brought it over to her. She names the doll family The Geezenstacks (Mom, Dad, Audrey and Richard). One day, she plays with the dolls and tells them that they have to be nice. She seems to be talking with the dolls and pauses for answers from them. Her mom comes home and shows off a new coat that she bought. Audrey tells her mom that she likes the coat and the dad seems a little put off by the purchase as the mom says that she couldn't help herself, she absolutely had to go buy it as soon as she saw it.

Dad remembers that right before Edith came home, Audrey said that Mrs. Geezenstack bought a new coat and he thinks it's a really big coincidence. He calls Edith in and she explains that she couldn't help herself. Later, Audrey says that Mr. Geezenstack is really sick and that Mrs. Geezenstack might have to call the ambulance. Then she puts Mr. Geezenstack to bed and tells him to get well so he can support the family. The next day, dad asks Audrey how she knew that Mr. Geezenstack was sick. She tells him that Mr. Geezenstack is better and he says that dolls are just pretend and they don't control what we do. Edith tells Sam to stay in bed and she will bring him some soup.

Audrey tells the dolls to be good. No more monkey business or someone will get hurt. She doesn't want to have to spank the dolls, but she will, hard. Dad and Mom are talking about the dolls. Dad said there's something odd about the Geezenstacks and mom brushes him off. He tries to convince her that there's something off with the dolls and she tells him he has an overactive imagination. He concedes that she might be right, but we can see that he doesn't mean it. Mom tells Audrey to get up and eat breakfast.

One day, Audrey is practicing violin and dad is very late coming home. Mom's smoking a cigarette and saying he should have called. Dad finally comes home and says he had a bad day, feels bad and Mom says he should have called and argues with him telling him it's too bad the roast is burned. Both Sam and Edith are very upset with each other and Audrey jumps in and says that Mr. Geezenstack hit Mrs. Geezenstack when they were arguing. Edith and Sam start arguing again and Sam almost hits Edith and stops himself. They both look at Audrey and she says that Mrs. Geezenstack is getting sick. Audrey says that she (Audrey) hates doctors.

Edith and Audrey are setting the table while Sam and Uncle Richard are talking. Sam says there's something evil about the dolls. Sam wants to know how Uncle Richard really got the dolls and Uncle Richard says it's just the way he said (a family had to leave their house suddenly and the only thing they left were the dolls and the dollhouse). Dad wakes up that night and goes to the dollhouse. He opens the dollhouse and pulls a doll and looks at it. The next day, Edith and Uncle Richard are talking and Uncle Richard says that Sam looks stressed and has strange ideas about the dolls and has gotten fixated on them. Edith says that Sam is all wound up about the dolls and wants to know what to do.

That night, Audrey is holding the dolls and yelling that it makes her very mad when people misbehave. Edith is trying to make Sam come sit down and have a drink with Uncle Richard. Audrey's having a conversation with the dolls and talking about Mr. Geezenstack jumping out the window and dying. Sam yells and races over to her and grabs the dolls. He wants Audrey to promise that she will never pretend that the dolls get hurt or die. She just stares at him. Uncle Richard tries to make Audrey feel better and says that sometimes people get strange ideas about dolls sometimes. Mom and Uncle Richard say they're going to get rid of the house, but Audrey says they don't have to because the Geezenstacks are going on a long trip the next day.

While sleeping, the house lights up and the camera focuses on Mr. Geezenstack. The next morning, Uncle Richard comes to the house and it seems to be empty except for the dollhouse. Sam hears Uncle Richard calling, but it sounds really strange. Uncle Richard walks around the empty house and comes to the dollhouse. Sam is still hearing a very muffled sound every time Uncle Richard says something and he wakes Edith by calling her name. Uncle Richard hears Sam as a doll talking to Edith as a doll. The house rocks around as Uncle Richard picks it up and Uncle Richard starts sobbing and yelling as he realizes that they've turned into the dolls in the dollhouse. We then see that Audrey, Sam and Edith have replaced the Geezenstacks.

An unknown time later, a realtor comes in the house, sees the dollhouse and smiles. She walks to the dollhouse, opens it and checks it and sees a Richard doll lying on the floor of the dollhouse near a tiny toy replica of the dollhouse. She picks up the very tiny dollhouse and opens it and inside are the Geezenstacks.


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