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Amusing comic episode

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
12 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Down on his luck warlock Abe North (an excellent performance by Bud Cort) uses magic in an attempt to win ten million dollars in prize money from a televised lottery. However, after hairdresser Annie MacColl (the always delightful Carl Kane) wins said ten million instead, Abe decides to pay her a visit and engages in a battle of wits with her over the winning ticket. Director Terence Calahan, working from a witty script by Tom Allen and Howard Smith, relates the enjoyable story at a steady pace, ably milks the premise for an inspired line in offbeat humor, and builds quite a bit of tension as the plot reaches a genuinely startling conclusion. The super acting from the two ace leads keeps things humming: Cort nails the desperate sad sack nature of his pathetic loser character while Kane brings her trademark loopy charm to a lady who isn't nearly as sweet as she initially appears to be. A nifty show.

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A warlock and witch battle over a winning lottery ticket number!

Author: Danny Blankenship from Petersburg, Virginia
22 March 2009

This "TFTD" episode titled "Snip Snip" is quite storybook and funny and offbeat in an odd and crazy manner. It's about a warlock who thinks he's mastered up the winning lottery ticket number thru the devil though he's off one number though. And a witch and part time hairdresser(played by character and guest TV and movie actress Carol Kane)finds she has the winning number! And this is where the episode gets interesting as in a comical way the witch and warlock lay claim to the ticket which strikes up a wicked battle of wits and clever. And the episode ends kind of silly and predictable. Nothing really bad but yet not one of the better episodes due to it's offbeat and funny story.

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Winning The Lottery Brings Out The Crazies

Author: buckikris from United States
22 June 2016

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This is another excellent episode from season 1. The story is about a witch and a warlock who plays the lottery. Abe is a warlock who is sick of his job and is so sure he is going to win tonight's lottery. He is so sure he calls his boss 1st and tells him off. He has his ticket all 6's. About 15 minutes later the drawing begins, the winning numbers are 6,6,6,6,6,7. He about S##t's is pants. He can't believe it, the winner comes up, Anne. Abe does everything to get his job back, but fails. So the only thing he can do is track Anne down and try to steal her ticket. She is a beautician who has her own place. When she discovers Abe in her place, she kind of freaks. He tries everything to steal that ticket, but she is always one step ahead of him. Abe doesn't realize she is just like him but better. She knew he would be coming for her and try to steal her ticket, so she is prepared. They have a kind of witches duel where she wins. The ending is a classic one. In her shop she has these mannequin heads, or are they? When her loyal customer comes in to get his hair trimmed, she has a new head, it's Abe's. A classic episode that comes with a little humor.

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Dated and overacted

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
13 May 2015

SNIP, SNIP is, for me, a very annoying episode of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE. It's one of those ones which has dated badly, with cheesy production values leading to a cheap-looking set and unrealistic supernatural elements. It's also overacted and saddled with a silly comic story that doesn't really go anywhere.

Practising Satanist Bud Cort devises a sure-fire way to win the lottery: he'll call on the power of the black arts to do his bidding and make himself a millionaire. Except it all goes wrong, and a random woman wins instead. Cort visits her seeking revenge, but the woman has a secret of her own.

Plenty of this episode is overacted, with characters shouting at one another; there's no restraint in sight. Cort is a particularly guilty party, although it's hard to dislike Carol Kane in her role. But there's little of quality here unless you're a real sucker for this show.

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Great ending!!

Author: Tommy Nelson from Long Beach, California
28 October 2006

With: Bud Cort and Carol Kane.

For me, this is a very forgettable episode. However it is also a very good episode, which is weird. This episode deals with a Warlock that has gained access to the lottery numbers for a million dollars. When he ends up being one number off, he is really mad. He becomes even madder when he finds that the neighbor hairdresser got the right numbers. It has a surprise in the middle, but even more than that I loved the non-surprise ending. Also noted is Carol Kane's wonderful performance. Not memorable, but very fun.

My rating: Great episode. 21 mins. TV14V

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Another largely forgettable tale from the darkside.

Author: Paul Andrews ( from UK
25 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Tales from the Darkside: Snip, Snip starts as teacher Abe North (Bud Cort) is sure he will win the $10 million local lottery jackpot, he dabbles in a spot of black magic & his 'spirits' told him to pick the numbers 666 - 666 which he did & Abe is convinced he will win. As he listens to the draw the host reads out the winning numbers, they are 666 - 667 which surprises Abe & he is even more surprised when the winner is announced as a lowly hairdresser named Anne MacColl (Carol Kane) who lives in the flat directly above him. Abe decides to pay her a visit & try to destroy her ticket so there has to be a re-draw but Anne has other ideas...

Episode 14 from season 1 this Tales from the Darkside story originally aired in the US during February 1985, directed Terence Cahalan this was another largely forgettable supernatural based story. The script by Howard Smith & Tom Allen once again like most of the Tales from the Darkside episodes I've seen has a good central concept this time about a man using magic to fix a lottery result which most of us can probably relate to, I mean I'd imagine a lot of us have dreamt about winning 10 million on the lottery & what we would do with it, right? So straight away there's a certain hook to the story but it does nothing with it & has various dull & some might say, including me, predictable plot twists & a bland ending which to be honest doesn't make 100% sense. I really want to like these Tales from the Darkside episodes but the plots are so predictable, there's been no really surprising twist endings & they seem aimed squarely at kids as none of them contain any significant gore, bad language or nudity & it's not like the predictable & often dull stories make up for it so in that regard give me a Tales from the Crypt episode instead of this any day of the week.

This one looks fine & is well made like the series so far but the lack of proper significant horror elements hurt the show in my opinion, the lack of scares & gore is just something that bothers me. The acting here is alright by a huge cast of four.

Snip, Snip is another alright episode, it's watchable but totally forgettable & it's not something I'd ever want to see again, it's OK if you can catch it on telly for free & want to waste 20 odd minutes.

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