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"Tales from the Darkside" Monsters in My Room (1985)

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One terrific scary episode

Author: DarkVulcan29 ( from United States
12 October 2006

Tales From The Darkside is a good blend of horror and fantasy. Some episodes were frightening and weird, this episode was no exception, it played off of our childhood fears about monsters in our room. It all starts with 11 year old Timmy(Seth Green) who is about to go bed, but he is afraid, because he claims that there are monsters in his room, when mom and step dad claim it's all in his head. But this proves to be no nightmare, cause there are monsters living in his room. For those who have not seen this episode, I'm not gonna tell you how it ends, but it was a good one. I hope this will come again someday. Seth Green is great as Timmy.

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One of the better episodes of the series. That brings back childhood fears.

Author: Danny Blankenship from Petersburg, Virginia
10 April 2008

This "TFTD" episode clearly has to be one of the best and most scary ones made, especially if you saw it when you were young. It clearly has the theme present that many kids could relate to that's being afraid of the closet and the darkened rooms that they have to sleep in at night. From the fear of the monster man to creatures and monsters in dark closets and ones that hid under the bed this episode titled "Monsters in my Room" really was a hit that worked well and it's one of the series best. Seth Green is a young boy named Timmy who has fears and clearly begins to see monsters in his room from the monster man to strange creatures even ranging from a wicked witch. Yet his step dad will not believe him so finally turn about is fair play as this episode takes a surprise twist in the end. Watch you will enjoy this it's highly memorable.

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Tales from the Darkside--Monsters in my Room

Author: Scarecrow-88 from United States
17 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Notable for starring Seth Green when he was a wee lil tyke, Monsters in my Room concerns a young boy having to deal with a step dad who wants "to make a man out of him." Biff (yes, his name is Biff), I'm certain, will cause many to cringe while watching this episode of Tales from the Darkside. He's the kind of man who has arguments with his wife about how the boy will by a sissy the way she coddles him, buying him toys for girls (like a giant Panda bear he'd been wanting), and singing to him at bedtime. She, of course, seems hesitant to disagree with him, and the mother does take up for him often. Biff's an ass, a drunk, and a verbal abuser. He wants Green's Timmy to like football instead of studying animals and playing the piano. Biff even waits until mommy Helen is gone to pop into Timmy's room to sing him a drunken sailor song while convincing him to take a sip of beer! Yea, nice guy, this Biff. When Timmy starts to see tentacles out from under his bed, a Bogeyman monster leaping out from the closet, and a giant spinning saw blade (?!?!) on the floor, he gets rightfully scared, but Biff considers him just being a pansy, a weakling, and fraidey-cat wuss. But the joke will be on Biff when he is provoked to bring out the paddle to spank Timmy for finally standing up for himself. Well, we find out who the real scaredy-cat is. Seeing Seth Green telling the Bogeyman to "make my day", with fisticuffs up ready to duke it out is probably incentive enough to recommend Monsters in my Room, but, for the exception of the eyes of the Bogeyman peeking out of the closet early and the later revealed witch in the bathroom, this isn't as creepy as it could've been with a little Savini touch. The saw blade makes no sense, and the dolls coming to life towards the end aren't scary as much as cute…not the effect I'm thinking was the aim. Biff's comeuppance might have been a bit more gratifying if he weren't such a caricature. He's your basic stereotypical douche stepdad: obnoxious, confrontational, and loud. Why would Helen marry such a louse? Green ordering the monsters away is a funny spot. I think the irony that monsters in the room typically frighten the kiddies to wits only in this episode to be scared by the boy is rather amusing, but this episode will be more noteworthy for Green's involvement than anything else. As pure nostalgia, growing up with this episode, I think that might also factor in to its enjoyment.

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Series classic.

Author: Tommy Nelson from Long Beach, California
2 August 2006

Guest starring Seth Green.

Little boy Timmy is a good boy, being cursed with a drunken mean step-father and his mom doesn't listen. To top that there are monsters in his room. The first time we see the monster in his closet is such a frightening moment it's hard to sleep. It reminds me of the last seen from the Crate story from Creepshow. Seth Green really started his career with a bang. Other monsters include a witch and an octopus living under his bed. The ending is happy...for Timmy anyways. I highly recommend you buy this on VHS volume 5.

My rating: Perfect episode. 22 mins. TV PG V

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More monster in the closet madness

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
5 June 2015

Yet another 'monster in the closet' story from the 1980s, this time appearing as a short in the form of a TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE episode. The tale features a young boy who's menaced by the various denizens of his bedroom which have a habit of popping up and putting the frighteners on him at night. Inevitably the kid's parents don't believe him so he has to figure out a way to handle them himself.

The episode is notable for featuring future actor Seth Green as the child involved in the supernatural goings-on, and some pretty good effects in the form of various rubbery creatures. It's not exactly frightening, but it is what I'd expect from a TV series entitled TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE so I find it difficult to criticise it too much.

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Neat episode

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
25 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Six-year-old boy Timmy (a fine performance by a very young and then unknown Seth Green) is being terrorized at night by monsters in his room. However, Timmy can't convince his overbearing macho bastard stepfather Biff (well played to the perfectly jerky hilt by Greg Mullavey) that said monsters exist. Writer/director James Stephen Sadwith relates the compelling story at a steady pace, builds plenty of tension from the simple, yet effective and engrossing premise, and taps into that basic childhood fear of something lurking in the dark in a clever and unsettling way. Beth McDonald contributes a warm and appealing portrayal of Timmy's sympathetic mother Helen, who has a couple of lovely and touching scenes in which she sings to her son in order to make him feel better. The creatures are pretty cool and creepy, with George Kyle as a grotesque Boogie Man rating as a scary stand-out. Nice surprise twist ending, too. A sturdy show.

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Decent tale from the darkside.

Author: Paul Andrews ( from UK
26 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Tales from the Darkside: Monsters in My Room starts as a young boy named Timmy (Seth Green) is having trouble with his stepfather Biff (Greg Mullavy) who wants Timmy to abandon his girly ways & act more like a man. Timmy's not keen on the idea & his mum Helen (Beth McDonald) is stuck between the two, Timmy tries to convince his parents that monsters live in his room & come out at night but they don't believe him especially Biff who finds out the hard way that Timmy was in fact telling the truth...

Episode 12 from season 2 this Tales from the Darkside originally aired in the US during December 1985, written & directed by James Sandwith this is an OK episode but not one of the show's best. I'm not sure about the overriding moral message portrayed in Monsters in My Room, I mean if we let every boy act like a girl & buy them all huge cuddly stuff Panda bears for Christmas where would we end up? We'd had a whole generation of men driving around in bright pink Ford Fiesta's & getting in touch with their 'feminine' side which is obviously not what we want. Blokes should be blokes, guy's should like football & toy guns rather than huge teddy bears & they should definitely not make their mum's sing them lullaby's before they go to sleep! Seriously, get a grip guy's. Monsters in My Room plays on our childhood fears of horrible things lurking in the dark corners of our rooms as we lie there in bed in the dark trying to go to sleep as our imaginations run riot & in that respect it does a decent job but it doesn't do much with the concept & the conflict between Timmy & his stepfather Biff seemed unnecessary & not that great, the ending isn't so good either.

There are some alright looking monsters in this, a Goblin type creature, an impressive looking Witch, an Octopus creature & a living buzz saw. This is well made like most of this series but nothing spectacular & the special effects are variable, for instance the waving Octopus tentacles don't look that good. The acting is OK, Scott Evil himself from the Austin Powers films Seth Green makes an early TV appearance.

Monsters in My Room is a decent Tales from the Darkside episode but nothing overly special apart from the concept itself which I felt the makers could have done more with. Worth a watch but nothing special.

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