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Funniest Episode Of All!
ltremaine6 September 2011
I found this episode a joy and a hoot - I decided to save it for showing to other people. I don't want to give anything away, but I this is one of the better Tales IMO. I was giggling to myself during the entire episode and had to watch it twice the same night.

Watching this episode has me intrigued as to what my own old age will be like. I sincerely hope not, but who knows?

This episode does bring it home that maybe we should be a little kinder and gentler toward aging relatives than what our society seems to think.

The actress playing grandma is a real charmer, and her "family" were royal pains. The actors playing grandma's family gave her some marvelous acting support. It's a very good episode that deserves a higher rating than what it has been given.
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Funny comic episode
Woodyanders21 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A grandmother (a fine and charming performance by Jane Connell) who's about to be placed in a retirement home makes a wish that will enable her self-centered family to understand exactly what she's going through. Director Warner Shook, working from a compact script by Jane Selbo, relates the enjoyable story at a snappy pace, maintains a lighthearted tone throughout, and milks the amusing sense of wacky humor for several solid laughs. The obnoxious family members are drawn in colorful broad strokes; it's a real treat to see these unappealing selfish jerks go through assorted humbling ordeals. Moreover, it's acted with lip-smacking aplomb by a lively cast: Kate McGregor-Stewart as shrill loudmouth matriarch Mary, Paul Avery as weary'n'wimpy pop Frank, Kelly Wolf as vibrant'n'vacuous teenager Greta, and Gregory Itzin as smarmy sleazeball Newton. In addition, this episode makes a neat point about having respect for one's elders and culminates in a fitting twist ending. A cute and worthwhile show.
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Why is this such a low rated episode?
Tommy Nelson17 February 2009
Tales from the Darkside had horror, comedy and fantasy themed episodes. Most episodes were horror themed, or they were very morbid, but this is one of the minority episodes. It's a comedy episode, that's also somewhat a fantasy, and it's played out so over the top. It's an amusing way to spend thirty minutes, and where it may not be a series classic, it's also not a bad episode by any means.

Grandma is getting to be too much. She's a burden on her family, and they decide to put her in an old folks home, but before she leaves, they want her to have a great last week, and a final wish. With a silent wish she begins her last week with her family. During this week, her family begins to go downhill and hurt themselves in strange ways, leading to a somewhat predictable, but fun twist.

The performances here are good for what they are. Other than the grandmother, the rest of the family is over the top crazy, but it's for a humorous effect. This isn't a scary episode, nor is it trying to be, but it fits in to the Darkside motif with it's somewhat mean spirited ending and it's quality is on par with some of the lesser, but still good Darkside episodes.

So why is this such a low rated episode? It's just a matter of opinions, and I felt this was an enjoyable 25 minutes.

My rating: *** out of ****. 25 mins. TVPGV
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Grandma's shining moment of youth. Turnabout is fair as the rest of the family ages!
Danny Blankenship8 April 2009
This "TFTD" episode titled "Grandma's Last Wish" certainly isn't a typical one of horror, as it's more humor themed with a cute and real fantasy type ending! It's really good how the episode twist. It's plot centers around an aging grandmother who lives with her son and his wife and daughter. This old lady only has the will to live when she hears old classical music and thinks about her days as a ex ballet dancer. The rest of the family wants to put her away in a nursing home to stay with her old age. She doesn't want to go so she wishes up a plan. One by one strange and unusual accidents start to happen to the other family members and you may find this episode a little predictable. However in the end grandma has the last joy of laugh as it's neat and cute as to how the other family members age strangely all of a sudden! Wish was granted! Overall good episode that twist in a very comical and neat way showing an old lady has her shining moment.
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Grandma's Last Wish
Scarecrow-8820 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
An insufferable family, prone to bickering, shouting, and talking over each other, decide to ship grandma off to the resting home (called Humdinger's Heaven), with one more week before she leaves their home. Son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter ask her what she would like to do during her final week with them, and instead wonder if she had one wish what would it be. Grandma keeps the wish to herself but her family start to suffer the ramifications of old age as each family member feels the effects of senility. Memory loss, bad hearing, clumsiness, aches and pains: all these factors contributing to old age become commonplace with the Rollins Family. I'll tell you the truth, this family is so gratingly irritating, just making it through the episode of "Grandma's Last Wish" was a chore. That's the point, I suppose, to harbor ill will for these obnoxious people. They cannot wait to send grandma packing and the most potent scene is when her son and his wife approach her, Grandma backing up against a refrigerator in horror, knowing their desire/plans for her to move into the dreaded home. At least the casting, the Rollins look and sound like those loud, annoying neighbors you do your best to stay away from. Many might recognize daughter Greta, Kelly Wolf, because she is in the Stephen King movie, Graveyard Shift as the hero's love interest. She does cartwheels and wears outfits that give her parents fits. May (Kate McGregor-Stewart, wearing out her welcome immediately when her character gets on the phone with numerous callers, talking gossip, damn mad when anyone tries to interfere in her conversations) eats four donuts yet "works out", her girth proof she does more of the former than the latter. Frank (Paul Avery, quite the whipped man), never responsible, always forgetting duties he's supposed to fulfill, is almost giddy when his mother signs her consent to enter Humdinger Heaven. This goes for satire, examining families who dump their matriarch/patriarch off to a nursing home so they don't have to care for them, but because the characters are so aggravating, I think it will be hard for many to find enjoyment from this--although these characters seem right at home in a Rob Zombie film. Grandma herself does battle senility and could be considered a pest because she's often vocal about this and that (her son's health, the rotted piece of wood on the porch, her granddaughter's poor choice in style, wanting to pay for granddaughter's dance lessons, etc.), and talks away to the family even when they aren't listening. I imagine many will find the ending satisfying but by then I was exhausted.
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Wishin & Hopin & Thinking & Paryin!
kapelusznik1812 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** This episode of TFTDS should really be entitled "Grandma's Revenge" in that Grandama,Jane Connell, turning the tables on her daughter Mary and her husband Frank and granddaughter Greta ,Kate McGregor Stewart Paul Avero & Kelly Wolf, who tried to get her out of of their lives by having her sent away to the Tranquil Gardene nursing home in far off Saratoga Springs New York.

Grandma who's been putting up with her dysfunctional family's antics for years has reached the breaking point that its affecting both her physical as well as mental health and is given the chance by making one last wish to correct that. It was something that he family members would soon live to regret.

***SPOILERS***Sure enough just as the man who to take her away to Tranquil Gardens Mr. Newton, Geogory Itzin, is both shocked but happy he has three instead of one new tenants, Mary Frank & Greta, to bring back there. And the newly regenerated Grandma isn't one of them! Another TFTDS episode that shows the audience that the saying "What goes around comes around" is not an empty phrase. Like in the case with Grandma all the cr*p she had to put up with her family members did have a silver lining to it. And it was them that gave her a lifeline to get her youth back and give them all that coming to them without their knowing it!
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How to get on the viewer's nerves...
Leofwine_draca25 May 2015
GRANDMA'S LAST WISH is an absolutely horrible, "comic" episode of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE. It was the penultimate episode of the first series and sees the series unwisely veering into the category of broad comedy in its depiction of a put-upon grandmother who decides to teach her overbearing family a lesson just before she's put into a retirement home.

The majority of the running time is packed out with those obnoxious over-acting characters so beloved of American comedy shows, and their actions and manners are so repulsive that it becomes hard not to just turn the whole thing off. Needless to say the story is non-existent and the humour falls flat every time.
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Absolutely terrible, simple as that.
Paul Andrews30 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Tales from the Darkside: Grandma's Last Wish starts as an old woman (Jane Conell) is convinced by her son Frank (Paul Avery) & his wife May (Kate McGregor-Stewart) to move into Tranquil Gardens, an old people's home. They want to give her a nice send off & say she can make a wish & they'll do what they can to make it come true, she does but keeps it to herself. It's not long before Frank, May & their daughter Greta (Kelly Wolf) find out just what that wish was...

Episode 22 from season 1 this was the penultimate story from the first season & originally aired in the US during June 1985, directed by Warner Shook whose claim to fame seems to be the fact that he played the maintenance zombie in Dawn of the Dead (1978) who attacks Stephen in the power room & also appeared in the 'Father's Day' segment of Creepshow (1982) both of which were directed by George A. Romero who acted as executive producer on Tales from the Darkside & I have to say that I thought Grandma's Last Wish was awful. The script by Jule Selbo isn't horror, it isn't scary & it's absolutely terrible. I hate the basic story here & once again apart from a slightly downbeat ending it feels like some sort of Disney fantasy, the character's are incredibly irritating & virtually nothing happens for the first 15 minutes & it only lasts for 20! This one actually reminds me of the old people segment from Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) which I also hated. Enough said, one to avoid. It tries to say some horrible sentimental message about the old & how to treat them, perhaps it even tries to make us feel just a little bit guilty, unfortunately this isn't the sort of show for that sort of thing.

This one is reasonably well made but like the majority of stories from this supposed horror anthology series it has no scares & is just downright dull & boring. The acting is alright but I thought everyone shouted too much & they all irritated me beyond belief.

Grandma's Last Wish is awful, I hated it & I am glad that I never have to look at it again. Seriously, if your looking for a decent horror themed story avoid this like the plague.
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