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  • Dressed in black, a very subdued mother and son (Christian Slater, age 15) sit down to breakfast on a hot summer morn, after Grandpa passed away last night in his bed upstairs. But cantankerous Grandpa shows up for breakfast too, lily in the lapel of his best suit, astonished that there's no plate set up for him ! The more folks insist he play dead and dignified, the more persnickety and odoriferous he becomes.

  • Jodie and his mum are grief-stricken by the passing away of Jodie's grandfather, but they soon find themselves with a lot more to be upset about when he gets determined not to stay dead.


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  • The Tolliver household is in mourning with the death of stubborn but beloved Grandpa Titus. As his daughter Ma and grandson Jody Tolliver sit down for breakfast, however, they watch in astonishment as Titus comes downstairs to join them. As Titus rests outside on the porch, Ma brings Dr. Snodgrass over, who confirms that the old man is dead is dead but is unable to convince him of that fact. After lunch Reverend Peabody stops by, but is similarly frustrated by Titus's stubbornness. With Titus decaying in the heat, Jody leaves to consult with the local voodoo woman, who gives him a handkerchief filled with black pepper. When Titus sits down for dinner, Jody tricks him into using the napkin, which causes him to sneeze his nose off of his face. Finally convinced that he is dead, Titus shuffles upstairs and passes on.

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