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The Crypt Keeper (John Kassir) is glad that everybody knows that he is scary. He is going to tell a story about a honeymoon hell.

Peggy (Amanda Plummer) has just got married. Her aunt (Lisa Figus) says the attractive man Peggys just married that she knows that he only wants her money. Charles (Stephen Shellen) and Peggy leave for their honeymoon in spite of the aunt's oposition. Peggy is a kind of plain jane but he is really handsome.

At a rainy night, they find a tree trunk across the road. They see a gun inside one of the pocket compartments of the car. Peggy says that she hasnt seen it before. He cant move it although he gets soaking wet, but notices there is a mansion nearby. Suddenly the car key has also disappeared, - but it's impossible that nobody has taken it - or Peggy has hidden it or Charles lost it when he tried to move the trunk interrupting the road.

So they have no other option but to make a run for it and enter the mansion. It's old and abandoned. Charles tries to break in but meek Peggy, who is always scared of everything, find the key under a plantpot. They enter - it's cold and they are both soaking wet. They set the fire on the main sitting room, discover that there is a phone but it's not working, and there is a moment in which Peggy feels dizzy, or has a vision, or something like that, concerning a huge axe displayed on a wall as an ornament.

As it's their wedding night, they get into the mood for sex. However, Peggy is obsessed with having a perfect night as she's a virgin. She insists that he goes upstairs looking for a bed. They find a bed with lots of candles around the room - and she marvels at the fact that the bed looks newly-made. Charles starts lighting on all the candles aglow, while Peggy goes to the bathroom to put on some sexy lingerie. With the makeup, and the atmosphere, Charles finds her really attractive. So although he's really a gold digger and he doesn't like her at all -he shouts to her in exasperation several times-, he finds her attractive at that moment, and they have a night of passionate sex. She has her perfect wedding night, and she says that she can feel herself pregnant of a babygirl.

They fall asleep afterwards. When Charles wakes up, Peggy is not in bed. He thinks he can hear something outside the window, and he peers out. He sees Peggy -with different clothes, makeup and hairstyle - passionate kissing another man, Allen (Richard Eden), who is also strong and handsome, like him. In utter distraught, Charles goes down the stairs and sees them making love. This different Peggy says more or less the same things to Allen that she said to Charles at the beginning of the night. Suddenly, after having passionate sex and getting pregnant, this different Peggy gets the axe and kills Allen bloodily and mercilessly. Charles jumps to try to avoid the murder, but he goes through the figures: he has been seeing the ghosts of these two people.

Charles starts to thinks, and he remembers that Peggy never met her father, whose name was Allen. So Charles guesses that he's just seen how her mother killed her father on their wedding night. At that moment, Peggy appears. She tells him that she's going to kill him so that their love won't get stained by routine, arguments. She thinks that they've just had a perfect love night, and doesn't want their marriage to grow with problems. To try to dissuade her, he says that he never loved her, but she tells him that they both felt love during the night, as the night was so perfect during sex. Charles tries to shoot Peggy with the gun none of them knew anything about, but there are no bullets inside. Peggy kills him bloodily and mercilessly.

The aunt appears in the morning to pick Peggy up. They talk about the future babygirl, who will do the same thing to some uncautious boy and Peggy promises her aunt not to ever think about boys again.


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