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No pain, no modeling game…

Author: Coventry from the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls
7 April 2006

I can always find something positive to say about pretty much every "Tales from the Crypt"-episode and, in the case of "Beauty Rest", it would definitely be the ending! Out of all the Crypt-stuff I've seen, this episode is one of the only tales which's finale somewhat surprised me. Not that it's shocking or particularly inventive, but I thought it was quite a nice gimmick. The story is set in the competitive universe of fashion models and beauty contests. Helen is an ageing model who has a hard time finding assignments, whereas her roommate Joyce is already sure of winning contests before they even start. When Helen snaps and accidentally kills Joyce, she decides to replace her in a contest with the recommendation letter of Joyce's lover. She has to get rid of some more obstacles on the way, but Helen's determined to win and become the promotional face of the organizing company… It quite nice to see Mimi Rogers star in a horror production! This isn't her usual genre (although she'd make another cool appearance in "Ginger Snaps"), but she's very good as the pretentious yet unsuccessful fashion model. Her two colleagues Kathy Ireland ("Loaded Weapon") and Jennifer Rubin ("Bad Dreams") are adequate as well. There's fewer gore than in the majority of "Tales…"-episodes, but the humor is black sharp so it actually works better as a satire. Another fun 25 minutes guaranteed!

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Beauty Rest

Author: a_baron from United Kingdom
14 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Boy, is this a miniature? Mimi Rogers - the former Mrs Tom Cruise - plays a model/actress who has never quite arrived. Even worse, after being promised a big advertising contract by a director who says she is the living essence of the part, she is told by her agent that someone higher up the food chain has offered the part instead to her younger flatmate.

Although clearly this girl has bundles of personality, she is just as clearly not the sharpest knife in the draw, so our ill-fated heroine decides to drug her and steal her latest assignment. Unfortunately, she puts too much of the sleeping draught in her beverage, and ends up killing her. At first she is clearly distraught, but after typing up a suicide note and staging the (now crime) scene, she is soon on her way to the assignment. Unlike the one for which she has just been turned down, this one is for a beauty pageant, and it is one she is willing to kill to win. Alas, the spirit is willing but the flesh is strong; soon she has another innocent woman's blood on her hands. As this time she strangles her victim, there is no staging the crime scene, nor confessing to a lesser crime and copping a plea. But you realise already that the cops won't put in an appearance here, and that retribution will come from an unlikely source in a terrifying form, don't you?

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She finally got what she wanted: First Place!

Author: kapelusznik18 from United States
31 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

****SPOILERS*** Feeling that she's a shoo-in in winning the position as the "Miss Ballbuster" Perfume girl Helen, Mimi Rogers, is shocked to find that her room-mate Joyce, Kathy Ireland, got the job instead. Feeling that Joyce put out, by sucking up to the judges, to get the part Helen develops a deep seeded hatred of Joyce that borders on murder. In fact while cooking up a late night drink for Joyce, whom she had since made up with, the sleeping pills she mixed in with it was enough to put Jyoce to sleep permanently.

Now entering another beauty contest Helen plans to cover all the bases to getting her to win first place even if she has to kill, like she did to Joyce, anyone standing in her way. It seems like Helen did in fact get the job with the person sponsoring the beauty contest and master of ceremonies George, Buck Henry, giving her the good news to get ready and be made up to take first place prize. That's after Helen made sure that her #1 rival in the contest Druscilla, Jennifer Rubin, ended up strangled by her in a fit of rage in her threatening to expose her getting a little too friendly with George in order to win.

****SPOILERS**** In Helen doing everything to win the first place prize she forgot one thing: That is what the contest is all about and who's sponsoring it. If she knew that Helen wouldn't have been so eager to get first place! And most of all she wouldn't have killed, like she did Joyce & Druscilla, to win it! This "Tales from the Crypt" episode shows that in this case winning isn't everything when by winning will only end up costing you your life!

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Very funny comic episode

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
7 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Bitter and aging model Helen (superbly played to bitchy perfection by Mimi Rogers) resorts to some extremely brutal and drastic measures in order to win a beauty pageant. However, the grand prize for said contest proves to be a great deal more than Helen bargained for. Director Stephen Hopkins, working from a wickedly witty script by Donald Longtooth, relates the absorbing story at a constant brisk pace, ably mines a savagely amusing line in supremely sick'n'sarcastic dark humor, and delivers one doozy of a surprise gruesome twist ending. Rogers' tour-de-force portrayal of a desperate and determined burnt-out woman who's at the end of her tether really holds everything together. The rest of the cast is just as excellent: Buck Henry delivers a delightfully sharp performance as hale'n'hearty emcee George, Jennifer Rubin makes for an ideal ice queen as ruthless snippy rival Druscilla, and Kathy Ireland is simply adorable as Helen's sweet ditsy roommate Joyce. Popping up in inspired bits are Robert Trebor as Helen's hard-nosed agent Archie and Anders Howe as excitable TV commercial director Emilio. Rick Bota's crisp cinematography provides a neat glossy look. An immensely enjoyable show.

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Sexy and a twisted tale. It proves beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what's inside counts more than the outside look!

Author: Danny Blankenship from Petersburg, Virginia
24 July 2008

I remember this "Tales from the Crypt" episode from July of 1992 it was part of the third season and it was titled "Beauty Rest". This episode was sexy and it would take a wicked twist in the end as it taught how you look isn't everything, instead it's more what's inside of a person that counts! And for those reasons mentioned it's why this episode ranks as one of my favorite crypt tales. It's star power is top notch as you have veteran B list movie star and TV movie regular Mimi Rogers as Helen a woman who's approaching the over the hill age in acting. As Helen tries for part after part from small parts to TV advertisements and still she's overlooked. Then when she finds out that the part was given to her younger and better looking roommate Joyce(supermodel Kathy Ireland who sports a sexy black bra in one scene)she feels betrayed and suspects that Joyce used the casting couch to win the part. Then the episode takes a plot twist and turn when a letter that was given to Joyce to compete in a beauty contest comes into play and Helen sees this as a chance for new success, and she will win this at all cost even if it means murder. This beauty contest will prove to be one unlike any other though as it's strange, creepy and it has a climax that's downright gross! Jennifer Rubin gives a good supporting turn as a contestant wanting to win, and legendary writer and actor Buck Henry is well versed and in top form as the beauty contest host. This proves the lesson that beauty really is on the inside, it just shows it in a different and stranger way that's brutal and gross! That's why this episode ranks as one of my favorites and the sexy performances of both Ireland and Rogers made it highly enjoyable.

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"I'd rather eat draino & drink puss." Decent tale from the crypt saved by the twist.

Author: Paul Andrews ( from UK
19 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Tales from the Crypt: Beauty Rest starts as failed actress & model Helen (Mimi Rogers) has yet again lost a job to her flatmate Joyce (Kathy Ireland) who uses underhand methods to get jobs, to make matters even worse she tells Helen that she slept with some guy named Tom who then promised to make sure she won a beauty contest his company is holding. Enraged Helen accidentally kills Joyce & decides to take her place, win the contest herself & become the company representative. Well that's the theory but there are sinister motives behind the contest she hadn't bargained for...

This Tales from the Crypt story was episode 5 from season 4, the second of three Tales from the Crypt episodes directed by Stephen Hopkins this wasn't really doing much for me until the highly satisfying, ironic & macabre twist ending. The script by Donald Longtooth was based on a story from 'The Vault of Horror' comic book & for most of it's duration is a standard morality tale about jealously & the fact that doing the right thing gets you nowhere & was average at best until the rather darkly comic twist ending turned the episode around which literally promotes the patronising moral that what's on the inside counts for more than anything else, however the ending is a bit silly when you think about it as this is definitely one contest I don't think anyone would want to win. Overall I liked this one for the ending rather than the build up which felt a bit laboured & convoluted, a good story all the same though.

This episode is well made as usual although I much prefer Hopkin's earlier tale from the crypt Abra Cadaver (1991) which was part of season 3, there's a gory bit at the end but I won't describe it as it may give the twist away, all I'll say is it's what's on the inside that counts... The acting is pretty good as usual.

Beauty Rest is a decent tale from the crypt that isn't the show's best 30 odd minutes but isn't it's worst either, definitely still worth a watch though.

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It's what's inside that counts

Author: Juan Sarmiento from Netherlands
20 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Rather forgettable episode in my opinion.

The episode is about an aspiring actress/model who murders her roommate out of jealousy. Her roommate gets all the parts by sleeping with producers.

So she decides to kill for a beauty pageant part. The winner gets to sell themselves.

What Helen did not know is that the winner could become Miss Autopsy.

The twist was predictable, so it made the build up work poorly. The characters weren't very likable either.

However, it was enjoyable to an extend but not an episode to remember.

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