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Excellent bit of live television
gordonl5615 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
SUSPENSE "Set-Up for Death" 1952

This is a "live" episode of the long running anthology series, "Suspense". "Suspense", which ran for 260 episodes between 1949 and 1954. It was a television off shoot of the popular radio series of the same name.

This one stars Brian Keith (still being billed as Robert Keith Jr) as a man just out of prison. He was doing a 10 year bit for a botched bank hold-up. He hits town a changed man who just wants to go straight. Being a minor celebrity now, the newspapers quiz him on whether he really is a "new" man.

The local political boss, Robert Emhardt, has set up as a greeter and a big club he is part owner of. Keith agrees but quickly grows tired of the job. The patrons are always asking him stupid questions like, "Would you shoot it out with the Police now if you had to do it again?" Also annoying him is a former criminal partner, John Marley. Marley wants Keith to join him in a $15,000 payroll robbery. Keith tells him to blow. The only bright spot in his life, is the friendship he has struck up with the club cigarette girl, Mary Sinclair.

Matters come to a head when Keith finds out that Emhardt has been lying about getting Keith a better job. He reverts to his old behaviour and slugs the man, then storms off to his room. He is again visited by Marley and a gunsel pal of his. Marley offers him a last chance to get in on the robbery. They are pulling the hold-up in half an hour. Keith almost bites, but decides to steer clear. Marley and his man leave.

What Keith does not know, is that the woman, Sinclair, had been listening at the door. She had heard Marley talk about the robbery. Sinclair had then dashed to the Police and told them about the hold-up. She now returns to Keith's room. She tells Keith that she is pleased he never joined Marley and company.

Keith gets upset after Miss Sinclair tells him that she has spoken to the Police about the deal. Keith dashes out to warn Marley not to go through with the robbery. He might not want any part of the robbery, but he would hate to have Marley think he ratted him out. Keith arrives just as the hold-up unfolds. The Police jump out of the shadows and guns blaze. Keith is mistaken for one of the robbers and receives a fatal dose of lead.

This is a pretty good episode which was directed by future big screen man, Robert Mulligan. The one time Oscar nominated Mulligan, was best known as the helmsman of, THE GREAT IMPOSTER, BABY THE RAIN MUST FALL, THE STALKING MOON, SUMMER OF 42 and TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.
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A very good noir...
Warning: Spoilers
At last a very good crime episode from this TV show that was rather flat all long the other features. This could easily have been a film, a real one, a classic. Directed by Robert Mulligan, it describes the release from prison of a man - Robert Keith jr, Brian Keith - who is forced to do a last job for his former associates. A desperate character who tries to escape from his past. For him, it is hopeless, as you can imagine. A true and authentic little surprise. OK, it may be a cliché, with the lead supported by his gal, and who eventually fails in his attempts to make it, but I love that.

I repeat, it's a very good tale. I did not expect this.
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