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Bugs (Spoiler alert)

Oasis Plains, Oklahoma

A new housing development in the process of being build, two construction workers are speculating on how expensive these houses will be when they are done. One worker walking buy a creepy looking tree hears insect noises under the ground. As he crouches down to investigate, a hole opens up and he falls inside breaking his ankle. His coworker goes to find a rope while he sits in the hole in pain, he notices an unusual amount of beetles, and they start to crawl on him, he starts freaking out. Very shortly he is entirely covered. As he screams for his friend to help, his cries are getting more and more frantic. His friend finally locates a rope and returns to the hole. His friend isnt crying for help anymore, and as the flashlight shines down the hole, we dont see any bugs, just a dead body with blood coming out of his eyes, nose and mouth.

At a biker bar at night, Sam is reading a newspaper article about a local death being a mystery as Dean comes out having just won some money. Sam explains that this death in the newspaper says that the worker died of mad cow disease. The mystery is that mad cow disease takes a long time to develop and this workers brain degenerated in about an hour. They decide its worth investigating.

The brothers find Travis the other worker and claim to be the dead mans nephews. He tells the boys that the man was bleeding from his facial orifices, but there wasnt anything else strange. He then tells the boys where this happened and they head over. Sam goes down the hole and finds some beetles. There were only about ten, and there would have to be way more than that to eat out someones brain.

They want to investigate more by talking to the locals to see what they can find out. Low and behold, there is a bbq being held for prospective new buyers of the new houses. Yeah, free food! Dean observes that normal is creepy and hed take their family over normal any day. They meet the developer who assumes they are gay, the brothers correct him and say that their father is getting on in years and they are looking for a place for him. The developer explains that this area is so nice that he bought the first house for his family. They meet the developers wife, and their new next door neighbor who is head of sales. The wife makes a comment about the sales lady being a really loud neighbor. Linda Bloom, head of sales plays it off as a joke. She naturally assumes that the brothers are gay as well. Dean feels awkward and says hes going to talk to Larry, ok, honey? and smacks Sams butt as he walks away.

Dean is talking with Larry the developer about flooring options while they walk through the house. Dean sees a big jar full of insects. They belong to Larrys son who has a very inquisitive mind.

Sam and Linda are talking about pool options when Sam sees a tarantula crawling towards Lindas hand on the table. While the developers son looks on from a distance with a smirk on his face. Sam gently catches the spider, and takes it back to the sullen teenager that is its owner. Turns out Larry and his son Mathew arent on the best of terms.

Sam and Dean have a brief discussion on about their own father and how Dean was perfect and Sam, who just wanted a normal life, was always getting lectured. Then they discuss how this recent death wasnt the first strange death in the area, turns out one of the surveyors died of an allergic reaction to bee stings before ground was even broken on the development. More bugs.

That night as they are driving, they discuss the possibilities, they didnt see any signs of spirits, so that rules that out, but they consider that some person could be controlling the bugs like a pied piper. Mathew the developers son was into bugs. Maybe. In the meantime, Dean wants to try out the steam shower, so they break into a house. Linda is getting ready for bed, when a spider crawls across her face. She swats it away with discussed but continues with her routine, as she is in the shower a giant horde of spiders come out from behind the shower head, she screams and tries to run, only to slip and fall through the glass shower door. We see blood and glass shards on the floor, then a short trail of blood leading to Lindas dead body.

The next morning the brothers head to Lindas house and after the police leave, they break in to see if there is a bug problem. They find some dead spiders in a towel, and think that maybe its Matt. The spider boy. They follow him when he gets done from school into the wilderness area where hes looking at a praying mantis. They talk about how Linda died of spider bites, and Matt tells them there if it was him with the spiders, that doesnt explain the bee attack or the beetles. But there is something going on with the bugs in the area.

He shows them an area and tells them that hes been keeping track of insect populations for a science class and there is an unusual amount of insects. From beetles to earthworms, there is a large congregation of them just in this area. But he doesnt know why. They investigate a big pile of earthworms and discover a human skull. While taking the remains to a specialist at the college, Sam and Dean talk about their relationship with their father. Sam feels that his dad was always disappointed in him because he wanted to live a normal life and eventually left the family business to go to college. Dean didnt feel like Sam respected their father, and Sam never felt like his dad was proud of him. Dean said he was scared of what could happen to Sam, and that whenever he could he would swing by the college to make sure Sam was safe. Of course Sam never knew any of this.

The anthropologist they go to see tells them these remains are about 170 years old and seem to be of Native American decent. (Can you say, Indian graveyard?) He directs them to a tribe about 60 miles from the college, saying that someone there might know the full story.

They find an old Native American playing solitaire in a diner named Joe. Joe recognizes Dean as a liar, and Sam asks him if he knows of the housing development. He tells them that his great great great grandfather and the tribe use to live in that valley, and that the American Calvary came to relocate them. There was resistance and the Calvary grew impatient. During the night of the spring equinox, they came and murdered and raped. And they came again every night for 6 nights until every man woman and child still in the valley was dead. The legend is that the chief as he lay dying on the 6th night asked the heavens to not let any white man tarnish this land again. Nature would rise up and protect the valley, and it would bring as many nights of death to the white man as they had brought to his people. And on the night of the sixth day, none would survive.

Sam and Dean realize that the first man died on the day of the spring equinox and that tonight is the 6th day. As theres no way to break a curse, you can only get out of its way, they realize they need to get Larrys family out of the valley fast.

Mathew is out in the dark in the back yard investigating something on the ground, when a bunch of large cockroaches burst from it. He takes of running. Dean calls Larry pretending to be from the gas company tells him theres a big gas leak and their family needs to move out for at least 12 hours just to be safe. Larry knows this isnt the gas company, so Sam calls Mathew and tells him to get his family out of the house. He asks why, and Sam says, somethings coming. Dean tells him to pretend theres a pain in his side and make his parents take him to the hospital. Therefore out of danger.

Unfortunately Matt tells his father the truth, he thinks hes nuts, and are all still home when the brothers arrive. Larry angrily tells them to get off his property. They argue and then they hear it, A huge swarm so big and dark it almost blocks out the full moon. Its too late to run, so they rush into the house. Close all the windows, doors, fireplace, Dean puts towels along the bottom of the doors. Larrys wife tries to call the police, but the phone lines are dead. The insects must have chewed through the phone lines. Then the power goes out. Theres no signal on the cell phone. The insects are blanketing the house.

They wait with tension wondering what they are to do now. Sam says it will hopefully end at sunrise, hopefully. Dean runs to the kitchen and gets the bug killer spray, but it doesnt look like its going to do much good. Then they hear the bugs trying to get through the flue in the chimney, so they run upstairs just as they do as Dean lights the bug spray on fire as a bug killing torch. They make it to the attic, but just when they think its safe, the termites start making it through the roof. The brothers are able to patch the hole with some debris, but then theres another hole burrowed into the attic. The brothers try to fight them off, but its a losing battle. They can only huddle in the corner trying to cover their faces. Just when they think all is lost, its dawn and the bugs fly away.

The family decides its time to move. The housing development gets put on hold pending a federal investigation into the remains they found on the land. This is the biggest financial disaster Larry has ever faced, but seeing his family safe, he doesnt care. Mathew gets rid of his insect collection as they now weird him out.

As the brothers watch the father and son interact in a positive way, Sam says he wants to find his dad, to apologize to him for all the things he said. Dean says dad was just trying to do the best he could. But dont worry because they will find him, Sam will apologize, and within 5 minutes they will be at each others throats again. Sam laughs and agrees, and they drive off to find someone else to save.


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