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Very Good Episode, Featuring 'The Parasite'

Author: ccthemovieman-1 from United States
13 June 2007

A new villain introduced here wasn't a bad guy to start the episode - just a regular guy, a janitor working in a warehouse. In fact, a security cop refers to him as "wimpy Rudy Jones." Rudy's nasty friend, however, gets the janitor to help him steal two drums of toxic waste- type material and Rudy, in the getaway, gets drenched with the stuff. He then turns into some reddish-purple-colored creature who is thrown from the trunk while the driver races off.

The toxic goo turns Rudy into "The Parasite," a creature who gets stronger when he touches other people. When he grabs them, he has the power now to hear their thoughts and knows what they know. He "feeds" off them, hence the "parasite" label. The first victim is a female cop. He knocks her out, answers the police radio knowing just what to say to imitate her voice perfectly and then drives off. Soon, he goes after the other thief, the mean guy who abandoned him. He clues him in (and us at the same time) on what's happened to him with this physical-mental change in his body. While he's in the middle of punishing that guy, Superman intervenes....and the fun really starts as "Rudy" grabs Superman and transforms the latter's power into him.

Rudy successfully handles Superman and flies off proclaiming to be "the new Superman in town." That scene was very cool, as is the rest of the episode as good ole Rudy - the "thing" as some news anchor calls him on TV - terrorizes the city of Metropolis. The worst is yet to come because since he now has Superman's thoughts, meaning he knows Clark Kent is Superman.

Without divulging how this dilemma is faced, suffice to say the whole episode was very good, the second-best I've seen so far in the first six shows. Not only was Rudy interesting - and had some funny dialog a couple of times - but the artwork in here was spectacular. This was the best color and drawings I've seen thus far.

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This Episode of Superman was amazing! I give it 100 Thumbs up.

Author: vphawkeye233 from Lynchburg
7 September 2011

I fell in Love with the Parasite for the first time when I watched this Episode. I've always imagined myself in Superman the Animated series TV show where I'm Superman's sidekick, In this Episode when a cute Plain ordinary Janitor Named "Rudy Jones" was stealing large canisters for some sick pain In- the- Ass Crook Named "Martin Lebeau" who wanted to sale the Canisters that was loaded with dangerous chemicals for big loads of hard cold cash. Martin agreed to pay off Rudy's Gambling debts Until he got feed up with Rudy screwing things up (While Martin was driving the the truck like a Freakin' Farm Animal while Poor Rudy was in the back the Chemicals Spilled all over Poor Rudy turning him into a purple Creature with soft smooth skin and Hulking muscles) After Rudy obtained himself with this power his Frist Victims was a Rat, A Poilcewoman, and Martin Lebeau.(With this Power Rudy was able to Feed off anyone he touches and possess any abilities, or any special Power they might have). Anyway Before Parasite could Kill Martin Superman Flys in and stops Parasite from draining Martin to death, Rudy Pretended to Cooperate by going back to S.T.A.R Labs with Superman until Parasite grabbed Superman thus Steals all his powers and goes on a large Crime Spree (Until Later on Rudy loses his powers and goes to steal them back). That night at Clark Kent's Apartment while he was preparing to change into Superman Parasite jumps on Clark and drains his powers once again(Rudy already knows Clark's Secret) Superman wakes up in the boiler room in S.T.A.R Labs where Parasite said that he'll be back every 12 hours to drain Superman's powers. While Parasite was out on another crime Spree Superman tried to break free but it was hopeless but not all hope was lost when Jimmy Olsen shows up and frees Superman from his chains (Almost) Until Parasite returns to feeds off superman until he spots Jimmy and starts to feed off him until Superman finally breaks free and saves Jimmy and tells everyone to clear out of the hall. Parasite attacks Superman so he could drain away all his powers but instead he drains a piece of Kryptonite leaving Parasite with no memory of who he is. (At the Ending of the show we find Rudy sitting in a cell draining the energy of a roach he found out that his powers are still in Effect) I hated how Martin treated Rudy, I would've showed him a thing or two.

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