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Hamilton, Superman and Lois Against Two Evil Kryptonians!!!!!!!
David del Real10 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
One of the interesting things about this couple of episodes is the readiness of Mala to switch sides to whoever is in command. In fact, historians tell us that there are many people like this in recorded history, telling us that for them ideologies and movements are completely interchangeable always as long as they are given a piece of the cake.

Now, besides all the other good elements in the story at hand, I want to point out the importance of Professor Hamilton through the development of our story arc.

1) It was Hamilton the one who created the Titanium-lead alloy suit so that Superman could fight foes without worrying about Kryptonite. 2) It was Hamilton who learned the necessary knowledge from Superman's archives in the nick of time to solve this case. 3) It was Hamilton who created the new Phantom Zone Projector, including planning how to make it work while they still they didn't have the necessary crystal to make it vibrate at the same frequency of the Phantom Zone.

And of course, many other ways that Professor Hamilton has helped Superman along the series, we are just pointing out today's deeds. We can consider Lois too, as part of today's heroes, nevertheless was Hamilton who made the most part besides of course, our favorite son of Krypton.

Today's episode was exciting and made us see how Kal-El handled the "TWO Kryptonians against ONE" disadvantage. Taking in consideration the importance of Hamilton and Lois to an extent to defeat the evil Kryptonians, maybe we should say it was a fight of two Kryptonians against one...plus one scientist and one reporter from planet Earth.

Thanks for reading. IMDb Review by David del Real. November 2017.
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There Goes The Neighborhood
ccthemovieman-111 July 2007
Well, I was right about Mala, although one didn't need to be a genius to figure out this woman was bad news. Now, however, her old boss is back with her and Superman has two mighty ex-Krypton criminals to deal with on Earth!

These two waste no time creating havoc in Metropolis and threatening to kill their other Krypton native, Superman. Both Mala and her leader, Gen. Jax-Ur, know they could rule the planet with Superman out of the way

After a lengthy battle in the city, Superman goes back to the lab to see if any progress as been made on the projector, which was stolen by the bad guys. Sending these two back to the Phantom Zone is the only way these villains are going to be beaten and a new one is trying to be built.

A twist occurs when the two bad guys use the original projector to send Superman into the Phantom Zone. Now, how he is going to get rid of them when he's not even here? How that huge problem is solved takes up the rest of this episode which is a decent one: not "super," but decent.
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