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Adequate but you can do better.
MartinHafer16 March 2013
This episode of "Studio One" is far from the best. Much of the problem is that they tried to condense "Treasure Island" into a one-hour time slot--but there's just too much story to do this well. For example, the two most famous versions, the 1934 and 1950 versions, are 110 and 96 minutes each--and the TV version by "Studio One" is about 50 minutes when you eliminate the commercials. Because the story is rushed, relationships that were important to the original Robert Louis Stephenson story seem rushed or almost nonexistent. This is especially true of the relationship between young Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver. In the original story, they were close friends and this would explain why Silver ultimately did what he did. But, in this TV version, this never occurs--so why Silver does what he does in the end makes little sense. And, you have FAR less sympathy for this rogue. Overall, a tolerable film--almost like a Reader's Digest condensed version of the story--and one that is simply too rushed to be fully enjoyed. I think the folks here tried their best--but even this wouldn't make the story a must-see.
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