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Modern Lynch Mob
bkoganbing20 November 2009
Although in her brief career as a film star Grace Kelly only made eleven feature films, before that she did a ton of work in television drama. Although she's not the central character of this episode from Studio One, her appearance does provide proof to the mantra that live television dramas were great training ground for players.

The future Princess Grace plays the wife of Dick Foran who has gone back to settle on some land his family owns, with wife Grace and daughter Lynn Loring. Back in the old home town lurks Nina Foch who is now married, but back in the day had a thing for Foran.

After a fight half the men in the town in this modern day western come looking for Foran when Foch's brother-in-law turns up dead with his skull caved in. Foran swears he only gave him a facial laceration, but the posse is turning into a lynch mob and the sheriff is nowhere to be found.

Foran as the protagonist gives a good account of himself. When he got good roles, Dick Foran was a fine performer, much better than being a singing movie cowboy or playing straight to Abbott&Costello. Grace registers well here also.

The script leaves a lot to be desired, but this was a case of the performers rising above their material.
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