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Beals tobacco shop has been robbed. Expecting to find a few bucks in the till he is taking that when the boss walks in. After he knocks him out he finds the safe open with 2 sacks of money.in it The safe contains more money than expected, $100,000. The robber Eddie played by Tom Bosley is on the run after finding out that the money is tied to organized crime. The mob finds out fast who the robber is and that he is carrying around a very important book. Important to the crook's boss and important to the District Attorney. His friends on the street know that if they get involved with Eddie that they face the same kind of trouble that he is in. He tries to make a new start with his ex-wife and son but she's not interested in spending mob money. He's running around with a suitcase full of money with nothing to spend it on but a giant stuffed panda for his son. Then he gets tired running and goes to "the one place he felt was like a home. Somebody cared if you were there So the police and the mob enforces follow.


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