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Plot Summary

  • After receiving Dr. Beckett's revolutionary gene therapy, which aims to allow those born without the Ancient gene to interact with Ancient technology, McKay manages to activate a device that shields him from any and all physical harm. Despite his temporary invulnerability, McKay is forced to swallow his fear in order to help rid the city of a dark, formless entity which is feeding on the city's most vital energy.

    - Written by Fia Reynne
  • Dr. Carson Beckett's gen therapy is a success, Rodney McKay has now the ancient gene. He tests an ancient device that makes him invincible. There's one problem, he is not able to take it off and can't drink or eat either. Meanwhile the Athosians try to find a way to live among the people from Earth. Jinto, Halling's son, and Wex start a game. Wex will play a Wraith and Jinto will be major Sheppard hunting him Suddenly Jinto is gone and no one can find him. Extensive rescue parties aren't successful either. Then the power supply suddenly starts having problems. One of the Athosians says she has seen a shadow.

    - Written by Arnoud Tiele (imdb@tiele.nl)
  • Dr. Carson Beckett's gene therapy seems to work giving Dr. Rodney McKay, the first to try it, the gene required to operates the Ancients' devices. McKay soon finds that an amulet he picked up acts as a shielding device that no one can penetrate. The problem is that he can't seem to turn it off meaning he is also unable to eat or drink. Dr. Weir faces another problem when one of the Athosian children sees a shadow roaming the ship, a phenomena often used by the Wraiths but Teyla cannot sense their presence. The shadow creature is obviously attracted by energy so they can manage its movements temporarily but must find a way to rid themselves of it permanently. When one of the Athosian gets lost, the team discovers an internal transportation system and a possible means of ridding itself of the shadow creature.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Rodney can't get rid of a device that makes him invincible, disabling him to drink or eat. Meanwhile power malfunctions and one of the Athosians mentions seeing a shadow.

    - Written by Arnoud Tiele (imdb@tiele.nl)


McKay is receiving medical treatment from Dr. Beckett to get the gene to operate the Ancient technology so he can activate a device he found in one of the Ancient labs...

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