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At the apex
shiloh_323 March 2006
To me this episode was the watermark for the entire Stargate SG1 series. It incorporated not only science fiction at its very best, but elements of fantasy and adventure that made this excellent series as popular as it remains here in 2006. I especially enjoyed the performance of Rodney A. Grant as Tonane', the laid back and naive tribal leader the team first encounters on this mission. He gives his character the exact amount of "O.K. with me" attitude to make him humorous, but until you get to know him better you're never quite sure if he's as harmless and agreeable as he seems.

I only wish they had brought back the Tonane' character in later episodes so we could enjoy Mr. Grant's interpretation even more.
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A well handled plot.
savagesteve131 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Although it isn't necessarily a fan favorite, I enjoyed the rather whimsical way that actor Rodney A. Grant handled the Toanane character. One of the possible plot weaknesses was the decision to go through with mining even though there were strong indicators that the planet had very unknown, powerful and hostile aliens. I guess thats where politics kicks in and where truly bad decisions come from. It truly was a morality tale about what can result from deceit and greed...or what should. If the Native Americans had a great spirit as powerful and interventionist as X'aels, I'd be typing this from Europe, not the central USA.
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Slow Beginning, Great Development and Conclusion
Claudio Carvalho31 July 2015
The SG-11 goes missing while mining the powerful mineral trinium that is considered by the military as essential to defend Earth from a possible Goa'uld attack. Out of the blue, Jack is hit by a trinium arrow that comes from the Stargate. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c head to the planet and meet their leader Tonané in his tribal village. They have a meeting with the elders that do not accept the mining of trinium, and they give their word that they would stop the process. Then Tonané goes with the SG-1 to rescue the SG-11 from the spirits that have taken them. They return to the SG Command with Tonané, but General Hammond tells that the Powers That Be have ordered to continue mining trinium in the planet. However, the SG-11 is formed actually by the spirits posing as humans and when they overhear the instructions. They conclude that Earthling's word is untrustworthy and decide to destroy the base. Now the only chance is Daniel to convince the powerful wolf spirit T'akaya and the supreme spirit Xe'ls that they deserve to live.

"Spirits" is an episode with a slow beginning, but great development and conclusion. The central theme is the importance of the man's word that seems to be forgotten in most of the contemporary societies. The disrespectful imperialism of the powerful nations that exploit more primitive lands is also approached. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Spirits"
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