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SG-11 failed to report regularly while mining trinium, a vital mineral for earth's defense against the goa'uld. SG-1 finds them missing, all traces cease at the site of arrow-heads made from trinium. Then they are all sedated by such arrow and brought to the village of Tonané, whose earthly tribal ancestry Daniel identifies by its animal totems, however soon awake and released, even returned their guns and promised to get their friends back too from the wolf spirit T'akaya and the raven-shaped supreme spirit Xe'ls. The council of elders refuses to allow resuming the mining, which is disrespectful to nature, but Tonané is delegated to be shown alternatives on earth. Both teams return to star-base, or so it appears- in fact SG-11 is a series of incarnated spirits, who are soon convinced the earthlings are most untrustworthy...

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