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"Stargate SG-1" Secrets (1998)

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Keeping his promise, Daniel Jackson returns to Abydos a year after leaving, accompanied by Teal'c. There they find Sha're, seemingly free of the control of her symbiote, and nine months pregnant; the baby is Apophis', which he intends to use as his new host. Meanwhile, O'Neill and Carter head to Washington for a medal ceremony in their honor, discovering in the process that the SGC may have a serious leak. Back on Abydos, System Lord Heru'ur, an enemy of Apophis, comes to kidnap Sha're and her child. Daniel Jackson hides Sha're, who goes into premature labor, and Daniel delivers the baby himself. Sha're is taken over by her symbiote again after the birth, and Sha're/Amaunet returns with Apophis after she tells him that Heru'ur has taken their child, who Teal'c really leaves with Sha're's father on Abydos.


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