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  • Teal'c's Master Bra'tac arrives unannounced, carrying his dying apprentice Moac, rare survivors of a massive ground attack on planet Chulack by Apophis, who now controls the late Sokar's massive armies. As he could have wiped out the Jaffa by space weapons, he must be looking for something or someone- his consort Ammonet's Harsesis child; Daniel only knew the boy is in Osiris's hiding place from Seth, Kheb, which he nor Teal'c can locate, but Bra'tac knows that is a legendary planet the Goa'uld fear and loathe, and combining with Daniel's Pharaonic mythology knowledge it must be one of the Loc'na ko, exhausted mining planets; he even has an address, the only one the Goa'uld never listed on their space map, but Apophis may be mad enough to brave the ancestral fear. When SG-1 arrives, Bra'tac reads tracks of eight Jaffa, all burned as if by lightning, and a priestess they shot, but who took the Harsesis from her? To their surprise, Kheb is not a fortress but an oriental temple, where only one Zen-type monk lives, who amazingly efficiently teaches Daniel supernatural powers ascribed to Oma Desala, sort of a transcendent Mother Nature. When the others rush off to face a 2,000 strong force of Apophis's troops, Daniel stays and is shown the Harsesis by Oma, only then comprehending the whole truth...

    - Written by KGF Vissers
  • Master Bra'tac arrives at the SGC saying Apophis has attacked Chulak. Apparently the Goa'uld search for the Harsesis son of Sharee/Amaunet. Bra'tac believes that the child is in Keb, on a planet the Goa'uld fear too much visit; SG-1 and Bra'tac look there for the boy.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • Master Bra'tac arrives at Stargate Command with ominous news: the Goa'uld, led by Apophis, have attacked Chulak. Apophis is now commanding Sokar's army and is in search of the child Sharee bore him. Master Bra'tac believes the child is in hiding and suspects that he has been taken to the planet Keb, the only place where it is said the Goa'uld are afraid to travel. The planet is something of a legend and no one knows it's exact location but Daniel is able to locate it using the index of stargates they once found in an ancient library. On Keb, SG-1 finds several dead Jaffa and a temple-like building that Daniel is convinced houses the missing child. It also houses an power no one has previously seen.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Bra'tac arrives in the SGC with an injured apprentice and informs that Apophis is alive and controlling Sokar's Goa'uld army. He was looking for the Harcesis child and has destroyed Chulak. Daniel tells that the baby is hidden in planet Kneb but he does not know where it is. Bra'tac tells that Kneb is a mystical planet and after a brain storm, the SG-1 discover the location of the planet. They head to the planet and they find a Buddhist temple of Oma Desala, where they meet a monk. The monk trains Daniel and soon he is able to use his mind in another level. Meanwhile Jack is worried since Apophis is arriving in Kneb with his army.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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