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Plot Summary

  • On planet Juna, SG-1 minus Daniel gets a hostile welcome from the local warriors leader Darian, who seems incredulous they even dared to return. They loyally deliver Sam and Teal'c, the particularly hated shol'va (Jaffa traitor) to Cronus (who took over as system lord after SG-1 helped chase Heru'ur) and told them to bury the Stargate. Cronus orders Darian to decapitate Daniel by staff weapon- to find his head is robotic. Cronus's obvious astonishment makes Darian doubt his divinity. At SGC, Harlan urge them to go on a mission. The master robot-creator tells them that the robot versions he created need to recharge after 48. In order to prevent the Goa'uld picking their mind copies, they reluctantly go. Darian now joins them, but feels most of his people won't dare challenge Cronus ever. The two Teal'cs concentrate on revenging the original's father by attacking Cronus recklessly, while the Sams and Jacks deal with the military problems and overthrowing the Goa'uld rule.

    - Written by KGF Vissers
  • SG-1 arrives on a planet they've been to before but don't get a very positive welcome. When there previously, they told the locals to bury their gate and that by doing so, the Goa'uld would never again attack their planet. It turns out however that the system lord Cronus has come to the planet regularly by ship virtually enslaving the population. SG-1 is taken prisoner and Daniel Jackson is apparently killed - but in doing so he is revealed to be a robot. It turns out that the team on the planet are actually the androids created by Harlan on a previous mission. The real SG-1 then sets out to rescue Harlan's creation and free the planet from Cronus' control.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • The SG-1 arrives on planet Juna and are attacked by the natives and a Jaffa. Jack escapes but Sam, Daniel and Teal'c are captured. The native Darin recognizes the group and they are brought to Sindar in a pyramid. Sindar summons Cronus and the SG-1 are imprisoned in a cell. Meanwhile Darin stumbles upon Jack in his house and he tells what happened to Juno after the SG-1 defeats Heru'ur and Cronus arrival to slave them. Cronus arrives and asks Darin to execute Daniel. When he fires his Staff weapon, they realize that Daniel is an android. Meanwhile Harlan ("Tin Man") arrives at the SGC asking for help to save his androids since the Goa'uld may get information from their memories. What will General Hammond decide?

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


SG-1 returns to Juna, formerly known as PX3-989, a planet they or rather, robot duplicates of them helped free from Goa'uld enslavement...

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