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Plot Summary

  • General Hammond mysteriously retires from the SGC and a new general is brought in, who breaks up SG-1: Daniel and Sam are scientists, Teal'c is with SG-3 and O'Neill commands a new SG-1. O'Neill tries to convince Gen. Hammond to return, but he finds out that someone ordered Hammond to leave or they would hurt his grandchildren. While the others are occupying the new general, O'Neill tries to find out who that "someone" is. Thereto he must place his trust in the one person he hates most: Maybourne.

    - Written by Chris Green
  • To SG-1's surprise, general Hammond announces his immediate resignation, allegedly having a gut full of sending good men to an uncertain fate each time. His successor, General Bauer, barks the Pentagon considers the Stargate program unsatisfactory, reassigns Sam (to work on naquadah use), Teal'c and Daniel and warns Jack his verbal impertinence will henceforward be treated as insubordination. In private, Hammond tells Jack he was blackmailed by threat to his granddaughters' lives by a covert organization as dangerous as the CIA, so Jack sees disbarred NID traitor Harry Maybourne in jail, and agrees grudgingly to team up, helping him escape to a safe-house, and when Maybourne finds his Internet access cut off they use a party to intrude Senator Robert Kinsey's home... After SG-3 (now including Teal'c) returns with enough pure naquadah, Sam is ordered to test a bomb without safety simulations on an uninhabited planet. Only too late she learns the test site has an old naquadah mine, implying extreme risks, even for earth itself trough the wormhole...

    - Written by KGF Vissers
  • Everyone at the SGC is saddened and more than a little puzzled when General Hammond suddenly announces his retirement. It doesn't help that his replacement, Maj. Gen. Bauer, begins to shake things up. Sam is assigned to a science project and Daniel is told he is to work as a advisor, meaning he will only rarely go on missions. Jack O'Neill can't quite understand why the General quit and so visits him at home where he learns the truth: he was forced to resign by the secretive NID, who had threatened to harm his grandchildren. Jack sets out to make things right and enlists the help of the imprisoned Harry Maybourne. A visit to Senator Robert Kinsey starts to unravel the mystery. At SGC meanwhile, General Bauer makes a decision that could prove fatal.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • When General Hammond suddenly retires from the SGC, the arrogant General Bauer assumes the command. His first action is to split the SG-1: Daniel and Sam are assigned scientists, Teal'c is sent to join the SG-3 and Jack is put away. Jack visits General Hammond expecting to convince him to return to the SGC and he learns that his granddaughters have threatened his granddaughter to force him to quit the SGC. Soon Jack finds that the eminence grise is Senator Robert Kinsey that has sent the NID to force the renounce of Hammond. Further, Jack depends on the traitor Maybourne to stop Kinsey. Meanwhile Sam is forced to develop a powerful naquadah bomb and Bauer wants to use it to destroy an entire planet.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


When Gen. Hammond announces he is stepping down as head of Stargate Command, Col. Jack O'Neill suspects that there is more to Hammond's decision than he is letting on...

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