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So so episode

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
11 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This isn't one of the stronger Voyager episodes, this is largely because instead of having one main story and one secondary story it has one main story and three minor stories, none of which are bad but none are that exciting either. In the main story Voyager goes into a nebula hoping to find a fuel supply, instead they find they are trapped inside it and their power is being drained. Using phasers and torpedoes they manage to escape but soon realise that it wasn't a nebula but a giant organism which they have injured so Janeway decides to take Voyager back in an attempt to heal the damage they've done. In the minor stories Neelix is thinking about leaving Voyager as he thinks the captain is a little too keen to put the ship in harms way; Chakotay tries to help the captain by introducing her to her spirit guide and Tom creates a new holodeck program, which replicates a French bar, for the crew to relax in.

While there was nothing bad about this episode it never really gripped me as they never seemed in great danger and the secondary stories weren't to gripping either, the weakest being the introduction of the new holographic bar... although that might be down to my own bias against most holodeck based stories.

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Overall, not what a captain would do.

Author: ( from Bradenton, FL
19 January 2010

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I'm a big fan of Voyager. I just signed up for NETFLIX, and I will watch the whole series, star to finish.


Voyager see a cloud, and goes to investigate. I understand that, to EXPLORE. It's human nature. But at some point, military training MUST take over. After all, it'a captains' DUTY to protect his or her ship. Voyager enters the 'cloud' and gets trapped, and blasts it's way out. 14 crewmen hurt. The 'cloud' is a living thing, and hurt by the Voyager entering it.

So what's JANEWAY going to do? Goes back in to HEAL the 'cloud'.

First of all, I don't think any captain would risk casualties, or the whole ship, to heal the 'cloud'.

Second, in TOS, there was always another opinion (Balance of Terror, for example), where Capt'n Kirk would ask for other view, like any good commander.

I'm sure if Capt'n Janeway asked for thoughts about going back into the 'cloud' someone would have said "You nuts for risking the ship".

Like the Dodo bird, Janeway should have sailed off, and not worried about the 'cloud'.

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A pleasant entry

Author: Paularoc from United States
12 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The basic premise is a familiar one – in ignorance and in the spirit of exploration, a star ship seriously injures a living creature and of course the crew feels deep remorse and tries to rectify the situation. Although a sad concept intellectually, the episode really didn't project empathy for the creature – the story had little emotional impact but the sentiments expressed were good and honorable ones. I am a fan of Reviewer Tweekums postings about Voyager and often we agree – but not always which is as it should be. I love holodeck- based stories and my favorite scenes in this episode were of the holographic bar. Well, that's what makes a horse race. The secondary story of the Indian spirit guide was pretty good but didn't go anywhere. A pleasant if unspectacular entry.

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Too touchy-feely for me...I just wanted to see them kill something!

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
3 February 2015

"The Cloud" is a very weak episode for "Star Trek: Voyager"--and hopefully it's not a sign of things to come. The show irritated me- -perhaps because I'd rather see action instead of 'spirit animals' and other touchy-feely and rather embarrassing plot elements.

Voyager encounters a nebula, so they do what any Federation ship would do--they fly right into it to explore. But getting in and out is NOT an easy affair and the ship loses a lot of energy getting out of the massive thing. Soon Torres realizes that it was NOT a nebula but some sort of giant living creature--and being intergalactic do- gooders, Janeway takes the ship back inside to fix the damage they caused.

In addition to this 'nice' plot, the show bogs down in what seems irrelevant. Paris introduces crew to his holo program of a French bar and Janeway goes on a spirit guide journey to discover her spirit animal. Yech.

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