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Take That, Mr. Vulcan!

Author: Bolesroor from New York, NY USA
2 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Neelix and Tuvok are stranded and must reach the top of a space needle- and overcome their conflicting personalities- to reach safety.

Translation: Neelix finally stands up to Tuvok. Clearly this was the point of this episode, and although Neelix's confrontation was satisfying and well-written, it is a sign of the Trek franchise becoming more dramatic and character-based as opposed to its early focus on story, human-nature, and science-fiction.

Neelix lets the Vulcan have it, criticizing him for the smug and dismissive behavior with which Tuvok treats him, and hopefully the playing ground will be leveled for future episodes.

One question arises: When did Neelix become our go-to guy for Away Missions? Rotund, talkative, and untrained by either Starfleet or the Maquis, I'd say he's probably best utilized as Cook and Morale Officer. Let's leave the adventures to the adventurers and we'll never have to deal with problems like this in the first place.


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An elevator into space

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
27 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As this episode opens the crew of Voyager are trying to help the Nezu destroy asteroids before they can hit their planet. The asteroid they shoot at disintegrates and some fragments slam into the surface; luckily in a lightly habited area. Soon after a Nezu geologist who claims that he has evidence that the asteroids are not natural contacts them but the signal fails before he can give his evidence. Tuvok, Neelix and one of the Nezu representatives take a shuttle to the surface but crash after passing through turbulence. They survive the crash and are met by the geologist; he will only give the evidence to the Nezu ambassador though. The shuttle can't fly but nearby there is an orbital tether, basically an elevator from the surface to an orbital station. It needs some repairs but they manage to get it working. Unfortunately one of the oxygen tanks is not working so they have to hope there is enough in the other. If that wasn't enough to worry about one of their number dies and Tuvok believes he was murdered meaning there is a killer on board. Before dying the man said he had to get something from the roof. Tuvok believes he was just delusional but Neelix refuses to go any further till somebody goes out and sees what is there. While outside Tuvok is attacked and his assailant thinks he has thrown him off the craft but in fact he is clinging on, Neelix manages to left Tuvok back in and in the ensuing fight the murderer is thrown out and falls to his death. It is good that Tuvok did examine the roof as he finds data on a ship that is attacking Voyager; they get back just in time to defeat the attacking ship.

This was a pretty good episode; the relationship between Neelix and Tuvok is interesting as they are quite antagonistic although when it comes to the crunch they work well together to overcome their dilemmas. Some of the action seemed like something out of an old Saturday morning serial, such as where we see Tuvok thrown off the elevator only to discover he managed to grab onto the side, but that just added to the charm of the episode.

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A very good episode...with an odd mistake near the end.

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
19 February 2015

Voyager has once again abandoned its mission of getting back to Federation space and is helping a planet being bombarded by meteors. Normally, the ship could just destroy them before they strike--but there's something odd about their composition and several make it through the atmosphere and strike the colonies. Tuvok and Neelix go to the planet's surface to investigate, as a scientist on the surface thinks that something is afoot. Unfortunately, the shuttle is damaged on the way down and it crashes. With more meteorites on the way, they need to get off the surface. Their escape might be possible through the use of an odd elevator to the sky--but naturally there's much more to it and it's going to be a very dangerous means of escape.

I appreciated that the show finally addresses Tuvok's obvious hatred of Neelix. While I could certainly understand Tuvok's irritation with Neelix (who wouldn't be?!), Tuvok's often dismissive attitude shows that he's indeed a lot more emotional than he lets on to others. This makes for an interesting confrontation. Fortunately, in addition to this, the show has LOTS of innovative plot elements-- more than you'd usually expect on a Trek show--making it well worth seeing. My only complaint is near the end, Voyager is under attack and they beam Neelix and Tuvok aboard--but how can they do this with their shields up?! This violates what other episodes tell us about future warfare. On the other hand, only a moment later, I loved Neelix's comment that "Mr. Sklar returned to the surface". What that is so funny you'll have to see for yourself.

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