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Mistaken Identity

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
13 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Desperately low on a chemical needed to operate the warp core an away team is sent to acquire some on a nearby planet. The problem is the planet is run by an oppressive regime which does not like strangers. During the deal the away team is discovered by local authorities, Tuvok and B'Ellana are captured, Janeway is wounded but saved by a local man and only Neelix manages to escape, luckily he has the needed chemical so Voyager can restart her engines at least. When Janeway awakens she learns that the man who rescued her thinks that she is his daughter even though she is clearly a different species. She learns that his wife is in custody and that he is desperate to break her out. As she is being held at the same facility as Tuvok and B'Ellana she agrees to help him. During the break in they are caught and the leader of the security forces mocks him telling him that is wife and daughter died many years before. As he lies dying Janeway tells him that it was a lie and acts out the part of his daughter so he can die content.

This was a reasonable episode; Joel Grey did a decent job as Caylem, the old man, and the scenes between him and Janeway were quite touching. The story itself was okay but not one of the best Voyager episodes; we didn't see anything of the planet apart from a few crowded alleyways which made it as though it was all done on the cheap.

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Decent but overly sentimental at times.

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
13 February 2015

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In this episode of "Star Trek: Voyager", Joel Grey plays a crazy old guy who mistakes Janeway for his lost daughter. It all begins with a misguided covert mission on some crappy planet ruled by the Mokra- -some paranoid nasties. I say that the mission is misguided because the away team consists of a black Vulcan, a half-Klingon, the Captain and Neelix! Traveling in cognito certainly is NOT their style and it's no surprise that Mokra soldiers descend upon them. Tuvok and Torres are captured---Neelix escapes back to the ship and Janeway is rescued by Caylem (Grey).

For much of the show, Chakotay is back on the ship trying to negotiate with the local authorities. Oddly, the boss-man on the planet seems nice and accommodating--and Neelix is sure it's a trap, as the Mokra are big dumb jerk-faces. Eventually, Neelix's optimism is shown to be sound and the Mokra start taking shots at Voyager. Fortunately, Harry Kim pulls a solution out of his butt (this sort of miraculous way out happens an awful lot on this show).

In the meantime, the Captain finds some local resistance folk and they sneak into the prison surprisingly easily in order to rescue her two crew members. Then there's a showdown and Caylem bites it.

This isn't a bad episode. While it also isn't good, so many bad episodes were made during season two that a mediocre one like this is a bright spot! On the positive side, the Mokra are interesting enemies and it's nice to see Mr. Grey, as he's a fine actor. On the negative, Kim's solution is very contrived as is the rescue at the prison.

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Star Trek: Voyager - Resistance

Author: Scarecrow-88 from United States
14 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Excellent supporting acting performances from Alan Scarfe (as maleficent Augris, leader of the paranoid, mistrusting Mokra, combative and totalitarian order under threat of collapsing due to an underground movement looking to dethrone them) and Joel Grey (as Caylem, an Alsaurian under the illusion Janeway is his daughter and that the two of them will infiltrate a Mokra compound to rescue his wife along with her two captured officers, Tuvok and Torres) highlight this okay planet-heavy episode of Voyager. Tellerium, a crucial energy source needed to power major systems on the ship (the warp nacelles will lose total power and the crew had pulled from other energy sources on the ship in order to dedicate towards the warp core, including life support and eventually the shields), is secured by Neelix who has contacts on the surface willing to trade with him. But there are spies among the Alsaurian citizenry, which could explain how Janeway is hit with a phaser beam across the neck, while Tuvok and Torres are taken prisoner and possibly face torture in order to provide names of allies to Augris. Caylem takes Janeway to his little home, helps her to recuperate, and speaks to her as if she were his daughter, his memory slipping and delusional state (this all stems from losing his daughter and wife, unable to accept their loss) unyielding. Caylem becomes crucial in Janeway's rescue mission and she will be deeply touched by his devotion and love for those he's lost and can't let go. His sacrifice and her final moment with him, telling him she's his daughter so he can go in peace is quite emotionally potent and poignant. The action plot is rather cliché, but I did like a brief scene where Torres talks with a wounded/beaten Tuvok about the Vulcan way of dealing with punishment and pain. There's never a doubt that Janeway will find a way to save them, and the episode even includes her posing as a prostitute in order to trick Mokra guards. The teleplay is loosely based on a story written by Star Trek fans inspired by Don Quixote (!), with Caylem representing the famous literary character and Janeway his companion. Grey's dedication to the character makes Caylem all the more worthwhile. The dilemma on the Voyager, regarding transporting the officers on the planet, as Chakotay must deal with Augris' retaliatory fire because of a distrust that is commonplace within the behavior of the Mokra, is not as pronounced and important as Janeway's time with Caylem. This episode proves that there are consequences in being so far away from the Federation in uncharted galaxy.

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Author: Bolesroor from New York, NY USA
2 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow. A truly baffling episode... insulated, counter-climactic, sentimental and stale. It plays like Part 2 of a terrible two-part "Next Generation" episode, as the show opens in the middle of the "action" with no back-story as to what's happened before.

It quickly becomes obvious that we haven't missed anything: Janeway and Away Team beamed down to a planet occupied by the Mokra- this week's Nazi metaphor- in order to obtain tellerium, an element necessary to stabilize the warp core and provide an excuse for Voyager to stop on a new planet every week. Tuvok and Torres are captured after Neelix returns with the juice, and Janeway spends the rest of the show humoring a delusional Joel Grey while attempting to rescue her people.

This was numbingly stupid and offensively hollow... it's the Star Trek equivalent of a styrofoam peanut... "Resistance" is light, meaningless, inexpensive filler with absolutely no purpose. The TV's on but no one's home.

I want my hour back.


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