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Plot Summary

  • With dilithium reserves running low, Janeway follows Neelix's advice and proceeds to the nearest known supply. When they arrive in orbit, scans reveal a massive supply; however when the away team transports down to the planet there is none there. Completely confused, Commander Chackotay orders the away team back to Voyager but before they return to Voyager, Neelix is attacked by an alien who removes his lungs. The EMH then comes up with a solution - holographic lungs, but this means that Neelix has to stay in a restraint whilst he has the lungs and he is unable to move no more then 0.2 nanometers in any direction. Captain Janeway along with Commander Tuvok and a security attachment return to the planet to find the alien who did this and they make a very gruesome discovery; a laboratory full of alien organs and then realize that there was a life in that very room less then 10 minutes ago. Scans detect the life form and when they catch up with him, Tuvok knocks the alien's weapon out of his hand. The alien escapes and leave on a ship. Voyager gives pursuit but the ships are both equally matched for speed. The alien ship then takes refuge in an asteroid; Voyager continues to scan once inside the main cavern of the asteroid. The crew see many reflections of Voyager and the alien ship however electro-magnetic interference stops them from detecting which one is the correct ship so they send out a low energy phaser beam which will past through any reflections but hit the alien ship without damaging it. Once they detect the alien ship and they beam the grew aboard, they get two very strange looking aliens called Viidans who go around harvesting organs from aliens and then grafting them on to themselves because they have a genetic disease called 'The Phage'. This disease affects them on the cellular level, so to survive they need to replace their organs regularly. Horrified by what these aliens do and how they are able to throw their morals aside and that she is unable to get Neelix's lungs back. she then sees that there is nothing she can do but to let them go, but with a harsh warning to never cross her ship again. In what appears to be an act of compassion, the aliens offer to help with the transplantation of one of Kes' lungs into Neelix.

    - Written by Anonymous


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