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the best

Author: lisaweaver from wichita, USA
9 April 2006

This is hands down my favorite voyager ep. Each character, real or fictional is expertly and quite convincingly portrayed. Most especially the leading performances by Henry Woronicz (quarren) and Robert Picardo are stunning and flawless. I think it's great to be able to see another, darker side of the cast without going into the other universe. Here it's another version of history with many flaws that's the premise for this quite successful experimental glimpse.

The story unfolds like this: a much darker form of voyager and it's crew are shown. Their barbarians and murderers. Come to find it's 700 yrs. In the future and this is the history being taught to the 2 races inhabiting a D.Q. Planet. This version is challenged by a newly reactivated doctor, who is silenced when he attempts to tell his side of the story to Quarren the curator of the "voyeger museum". But after thinking it over, Quarren re-activates the doctor and agrees to hear him out. More things happen. I won't tell you the ending, save that it's quite a moving scene.

Record this download it. Buy the DVD. Even if it's only for the evil scenes, or, if you're like me, the scenes after the Doc is brought back. It's definitely worth it. 5 of 5 stars

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Excellent Episode...

Author: scs0 from USA
13 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

...unfortunately I can't help feeling a little sad for this copy of the doctor because he never got to see his family return home. Oh well, by this time the Doc should be able to get a mobile emitter without using time travel! On the serious side this is a fascinating episode based upon the dangers of revisionist history. The descendants of one side of a major conflict involving the Voyager crew and another species have managed to fabricate a version of the events that place themselves in the most favorable position. Using historical records and artifacts, this side of the conflict has managed to create a version of history that seems like it could be factual, but was radically off-base. Needless to say, but this consequences of this revisionist history has rippled through their history. These events take place 700 years in the future and are challenged when a copy of the holographic doctor is discovered and is rightfully outraged by all this.

Replace "Voyager" with "United States" and the alien society's historical re-enactments with the movie "Fahrenheit 911" and this episode makes for some interesting commentary on the consequences of propaganda and revisionist history. That's what makes Star Trek great: the stories provide excellent and often timeless commentary on society.

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Rewriting history

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
10 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As this episode opens it is clear that something isn't quite right; Janeway is explaining to an alien that Star Fleet is a military organisation that will do anything to achieve its goals, when asked to help fight a war in exchange for information about a worm hole the captain is more than happy to help... it soon becomes clear that this is a simulation in a museum on an alien planet, they believe this accurately reflects events which took place seven hundred years previously. After the display concludes a member of the public of the species who appeared to seek Voyager's help confronts to curator about the accuracy of the display. The curator says that he has found an artefact that should prove his theories shortly. When he examines the item it turns out to be a copy of the Doctor who, when activated, is shocked at the misrepresentation of Voyager's actions and sets about putting things right, although it isn't certain that he will be believed.

This is a superior episode of Voyager, it is obviously the Doctor's episode and Robert Picardo performs well in the role. It was also great to see the rest of the crew acting out of character in the simulation; it was so over the top that it became darkly comic.

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I love this episode!

Author: dcobbimdb
28 May 2015

When feeling nostalgic and going through old TNG or Voyager episodes this one ranks in my top 5.

I love how they portray the voyager crew as a ruthless merciless band of thugs tromping their way through the galaxy, pretty much throwing the morality book out the air lock with their black leather gloves on. It's bold and epic, and yet in a comically tasteful or tasteless way such that it's intriguing, gripping and down right funny.

The first 15 minutes of the episode is hysterical, I loved seeing Voyager armed with all that arsenal, the crew bent on destruction, and it's backup Borg security protocol lol! Talk about a well oil'd machine in the interest of self preservation and domination!

Perhaps what I find most intriguing about the episode is it tactfully strides on the concept of different nations perspectives on events of history and how it puts them in the best of light. I'm from America and this is an American show, and while I detest war I can't help but wonder how other nations view shared events in history. How our history books might differ from theirs, and I suspect they do... I'm not political, yet I have often felt we as the "Good o'l US of A" take on a somewhat bullish or dominance precedence in world affairs, getting involved in foreign soil affairs and wars which don't or at least shouldn't concern us. Okay I'm sure I stepped in it now... but in part that's what this episode makes me think about

Overall great episode, nice to see them change things up, jump off the deep end and just go for it. Very original episode, even if it was already done in TOS, still a great episode!

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Yippee--a sadistic version of Voyager!

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
23 February 2015

Many years ago, the original "Star Trek" show had a classic, "Mirror, Mirror". In this show, the away team accidentally beamed to an alternate reality where the Enterprise crew was evil. It was wonderful--with deliciously evil performances by the cast. However, follow-up episodes in this same alternate universe were far less successful--mostly because they overused the idea. Fortunately, a similar sort of evil ship is seen in "Living Witness"--but with so much originality that it all works very well.

When the show begins, you see Captain Janeway acting very much unlike she usually does. Soon you realize that this ISN'T actually Voyager but a holographic representation that the Kyrians are watching 700 years in the future. The past they construct is a lie- -and they THINK that Voyager was an evil ship which ruthlessly used people in their trek across the galaxy. They are blamed for all the planet's woes and now folks go to a museum to learn about the evil Voyager! However, one of the museum workers decides to activate the backup of the holo Doctor--and he learns that their view of Voyager is really a mess!

I loved just how evil Voyager was in this show. I loved when Chakotay was torturing a prisoner and Mr. Kim intervened--not to stop him but to assist in beating the man. Then, the Doctor has a much better idea--injecting a solution that slowly and painfully dissolves the guy's brain!! They are so over the top awful that I had a good laugh. It's also funny to see that Janeway has her own army of Borg that she uses ruthlessly--assimilating the people they capture!

Bold, edgy, creative and thankfully not so nice and touchy-feely like too many of the show's other episodes.

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