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Problems with pollution

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
17 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When a Malon ship full of radioactive waste has a major malfunction the crew are forced to evacuate and call for help. This call is answered by Voyager but due to the high levels of theta radiation they can't use the warp engines and get clear before the ship explodes flooding a vast area of space with deadly radiation. In order to save Voyager and the surrounding space the two Malon survivors along with Chakotay, B'Elanna and Neelix must return to the Malon ship to prevent it from exploding. One of the Malon is worried believing that the problems are due to a mythical creature that lives in the radioactive waste. His colleague rubbishes the idea as superstition but when one Malon is killed and Chakotay is attacked and injured it is clear that something or someone on board does not want them to succeed in preventing the explosion.

This was a good episode which had an obvious environmental message but didn't show the Malon as bad people just somewhat selfish as a race although individuals did dangerous work to keep their own world clean. The scenes of on the Malon ship were tense; reminding be slightly of Alien in the way the ship itself was creepy and something was after them... although obviously that something was far less violent; this is Star Trek after all. The main star of this episode was Roxann Dawson who did a good job as B'Ellana who in this episode is trying to deal with her anger management issues.

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Ron Canada's Voyager Appearance

Author: XweAponX from United States
12 June 2013

Ron Canada has played several antagonistic characters in Star Trek - In Next Generation, he is the interpreter of the progenitor's intent in "The Masterpiece Society" - A rigid legalistic and religious Pharisee. In Deep Space Nine, he was a Klingon Arbiter prosecuting The Federation and particularly Worf.

In this Voyager offering, he is the Captain of a Malon Toxic Waste Disposal Ship which is suffering unexplained malfunctions and disasters. Of course, there is a reason why these things went wrong, but Voyager Members must needs to be sent into the middle of a Maelstrom of Theta Radiation to get to the Bottom of it.

To make Matters Worse, B'Elanna is having a Klingon Fit and is suffering the browbeating of Janeway, Chakotay and Tuvok- Tuvok tries to teach her some Vulcanian Brain-Meditation Techniques, to apparently No Avail.

Apparently, there is some kind of Malon Radiation-Monster which is attacking the Malon crew of Toxic Avengers, in fact, "it" kills off all of the Malons save Ron Canada and Lee Arenberg. Alexander Enberg steps away from his Voyager Vulcan role to play a 3rd Malon Engineer who gets melted by Radiation (You can only identify him by his Voice).

Mostly I liked this ep due to the interactions of Ron Canada and B'elanna. They want to kick each other's arses but they end up having a respect for each other, save for B'elanna giving the guy a Mouth Lashing at the end.

But the very thing which is causing B'elanna problems with the Voyager Crew is the one thing which saves her, Neelix and Ron Canada from being converted into Atomic vapour.

This episode also tells us more about the Malon culture, and that they have built a beautiful culture which can only exist by polluting the entire Delta Quadrant. But even Cultures who Irradiate their galactic Neighbors have Religious Golems. Find Out in this episode.

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