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A most excellent episode

Author: Giannhs from Greece
25 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of the most imaginative episodes that i have encountered. It takes the crew of Voyager facing a "peacfull" enemy which tries to take over the ship without any real force used.

I was a little disappointed by the fact, that, they had a great script for this episode but they had to rush it in just one episode in expense of reasoning in some points. This should had been a 2 parts story in order to really develop the whole story, add a little to the plot and show the true potential of some dramatic scenes a little more.

Still the story came out nicely by both actors who have shown their character's best abilities and by the script which involved action, originality in the plot and sensation.

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Basics Part III

Author: alexwoolcott from Canada
28 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Another above average episode of Voyager that suffers from the fact it's essentially a rehash of "Basics", the Season 2 / 3 two parter that saw the Kazon taking over the ship. The writers seem to know this as the logical things done in "Basics" are completely ignored here, as if the writers were afraid of being accused of copying themselves.

The crew of Voyager is having a bad week - this episode presumably takes place within days of "Distant Origin" (the previous episode) where their ship was commented by a more intelligent species (we know this because Tom and B'lanna make reference to a bet they made in that episode). Now their ship has been commented for the third time in Season 3. By now, you would think the crew would have things down to a science. In Basics, the crew does the logical thing - they put someone in a shuttlecraft and send them to get help; this time, for some reason, they aren't nearly so clever. Since the Doctor has proved himself capable in Basics of sabotaging the ship, Chakotay should not have bothered taking him with him: it would have been much better to download him into the mobile emitter and send him into the ship to sabotage it. It's almost as if nobody remembers the last two times someone took over their ship.

As previous reviewers have stated, this episode needed to be a two parter - everything happens just a little too quickly. Also, there's the usual Star Trek nonsense in which Janeway and Tuvok are able to not only decode an alien computer, but figure out how to master it within seconds. There's lots of other illogical things, but really this is Star Trek and often you just have to ignore it and enjoy the ride.

If you take this episode out of context and judge it on it's own merits (rather than how it fits into the show's mythology)it's a pretty tense and exciting episode that also serves to drive the Tom / B'lanna romance a little further forward. Ultimately, it's a good ride, but you can't help but think that it belonged in Season 1 or 2, when the crew wasn't nearly so experienced in dealing with people trying to take over their ship.

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Subtle attack

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
7 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a decent episode which found the crew of the Voyager confronting a strange enemy, unlike most enemies who attack in an obvious way these replace the crew with their own people one at a time. Initially it is assumed this is due to some strange spacial anomaly as the new arrivals seem as bemused about what is going on as the crew. By the time they realise what is going on it is too late and despite attempts to thwart the theft of the ship everybody ends up on what appears to be an Earth like planet although the geography means they can't get far away from the settlement they found themselves in.

They haven't been there long when an alien appears in a way that leads them to believe their new home is not what it appears to be. As a previous reviewer stated it is a pity this was only a one part episode as once they had learnt the nature of the place they were transported to the quickly figure out how to get the Voyager back from those who stole it.

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Social Security

Author: Bolesroor from New York, NY USA
2 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You'd think it would be difficult to commandeer a Starfleet ship, but no... You just beam your crew on board one at a time while beaming off one member of their crew. While playing dumb. Phasers and photon torpedoes are no match for playing dumb...

This week it's the Nyrians who are to blame for killing the party, and just for the hell of it let's crunch some numbers: What percentage of alien species in the Original Series do you think turned out to be malevolent or harmful to our protagonists? 30? 40? How about Next Generation? 5? 10?

Now let me ask the same question of Voyager: What percentage of aliens are "bad guys"? 85? 90? 95 percent? I can't imagine that's what Gene Roddenbury had in mind, but that's where we find ourselves now. Everyone is an enemy, every outsider a threat and a danger: Vidiians, Kazon, Baneans, Borg, Cardassians, Akritirian, Enaran, Egg Begley, Jr, Ilari, the unnamed aliens from "The Swarm," Nyrians, Nasari... is that enough or should I go on? I'm guessing Captain Kate doesn't get many Christmas cards.

The episode ends when Janeway discovers the Nyrians secret weakness: cold weather. She beams them down to Florida and they live happily ever after wearing white shoes and complaining about the heat.



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An excellent and highly creative show....

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
20 February 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Displaced" is a great episode--one that shows great ingenuity and cannot really be compared to any other Trek show. When it begins, members of Voyager's crew disappear and each time one vanishes, a Nyrian appears and seems confused as to why they are there. This doesn't make sense until some on the ship realize that the 'confused' Nyrians are faking--it's a way to steal the ship. But it's too late-- and the Nyrians soon end up in control. As for the crew, they have found themselves in a lovely holoworld--but make no mistake, it IS a prison and the Nyrians are in charge. What's next? Will the show now be called "Star Trek: Nyrians"?!

You just have to see this one. It is terrific from start to finish.

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