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A bad day for B'Elanna
Tweekums14 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The ship's chief engineer B'Elanna Torres is not having a good day. It is the Klingon "Day of Honour" and her friends are encouraging her to take part in the ceremonies associated with that day, she is less keen however. Eventually she takes herself down to the holosuite to start the ceremony but soon changes her mind and leaves after flooring the Klingon leading the ceremony. Things don't get much better when she turns up for work and is ordered to take Seven of Nine onto her engineering staff even though she doesn't trust her.

While this is going on the Voyager encounters a group of refugees who's home planet was assimilated by the Borg, while the Voyager can't give them everything they need Janeway offers them what food, medicine and fuel they can spare. Shortly after they depart the engineering team attempt to open a "trans-warp conduit" so they can travel much faster however things go wrong and the ship is forced to dump the unstable warp core leaving it in a worse situation than before. While the crew attempt repairs B'Elanna and Tom take a shuttle to retrieve the core only to find the refugees have already got to it and refuse to give it back. When B'Elanna tries to take it back from them they open fire and both her and Tom are left floating in space with limited oxygen in their space suits... will they be able to survive long enough for Voyager to get repaired and come looking for them? I really enjoyed this episode as it included some tense action scenes and a sense of danger with some good character driven scenes; this was clearly B'Elanna's episode and Roxann Dawson did a great job in the role.
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Honor & Conscience
CharlieBrill17 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
You see 2 conflicts play in this story for both 7 and Torres.

I like how they write that 7 has no remorse over the destruction of civilizations. It makes her real. To a Borg, it's what they do and it's who they are. To them, it's not hatred as much as it is the greed of knowledge. 7 has no conscience (no ability to identify right and wrong), and she begins to have one by the end of the story. She senses hostility from the crew, and yet she has no idea how to react to it. It's like seeing some who doesn't just have no people skills, but she's never reacted to anyone. It's like watching Data on TNG, but it's grittier. She's a villain turning into a hero. It's as if she's thinking and interacting with a real group of people for the first time (because the character really is). Fabulous writing.

Torres is ashamed of her cultural heritage thinking it to be pointless and foolish. How many of us think the same way (such as family rituals, religious customs, and holiday traditions). If we don't value those things, how can they be important? What does the practice mean? Usually, those in a big family value the rituals, customs, and traditions because it brings them together. It gives them an identity as a group. But for those who don't have those kinds of things (such as Torres), how can she value that identity when she has no group to share it with (who values the same rituals, customs, and traditions)? If she values those things, she'd value them for herself, her unique identity, and her Klingon heritage. It would ultimately make her a culture of one. In the end of this story when she faces death, she wants what her people want "Honor", the thing that all Klingons long for and cherish: praise of accomplishments, actions worthy of song, and a place in history. It's not the most humble ambition to have, but Klingons aren't humble. They want people to think that they are great.
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Growing pains...
MartinHafer20 February 2015
This episode is about growing pains, as B'Elanna and Seven of Nine are having difficulties. B'Elanna is struggling because a Klingon holiday, the Day of Honor is approaching but she really is neither Klingon nor Human...and since coming to Voyager, she's becoming more and more in touch with her human roots. So, standing around and zapping yourself with pain sticks and other macho Klingon rituals seem stupid to her. As for Seven of Nine, she needs to find a place for herself aboard this new ship. But when she begins working in engineering, a disaster takes place and folks wonder is she might have done this deliberately and she cannot be trusted. You see a lot of character development here and it's definitely a transitional episode in many ways. What's next? See the show.
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This episode bugs...
dcobbimdb11 January 2017
Giving it 5/10 on the positive end because there are some pivotal moments in it and it's at a somewhat crucial time considering the loss of Kes and the gain of Seven, amongst all the other changes.

The thing that bugs me so much in this episode is the alien race who appear like homeless, helpless scavengers, begging for food and Voyager provides as much as they can, but then they come back when they have the home field advantage and have Voyager out numbered and crippled without it's core. If not for the convenient diplomatic solution what ending would have come from this? Yeah way to go writers....

In truth I wish they ignored or blown their arse out of the water, that might have satisfied me, I hate the way this episode ends. So self righteous and selfless it's rubbish... I'd love to believe that we or anyone would be that way but in truth it's total nonsense. That alien race deserved nothing more than a phaser up the arse period.
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Rokeg* Blood Pie-in-the-face for B'Elanna
XweAponX23 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
On her worst ever day in the whole 7-year Stretch of "Star Blecch: Voyeur".

Part I: An Unemployed Borg

Seven wants a Job. She asks Chakotay, who orders B'Elanna to put her up in engineering. But B'Elanna is not having a good day, not only is this the The Klingon "Day of Honor", Tom Paris is sniffing about like a Vulcan in Pon-Farr.

Part II: In the Soup Line

Voyeur is accosted by the Bag Ladies of the Delta Quadrant, the Caatati (Caatati Captain played by Alan Altshuld "Lumas"). Of course Janeway wants to give them a sandwich, but they want the whole Kitchen! And to top it off, Lumas sees the newly-Humanized Seven and gets all uppity.

Part III: Salami and Painsticks, please

B'Elanna is encouraged by Neelix to take part in her Day of Honor Holodeck Program after all, but when she gets there she beats the crap out of the guys who were supposed to beat HER up and then poke her with Painsticks. Not good, Not good. Worf would have loved that, but B'Elanna is more like Key'Hlar than Worf. And then she "alienates" (Or rather Klingon-ates) Paris who helped her make the Program.

Part IIII: "The Wreckening"

Then Seven-of-69's Trans-wart Experiment in Engineering goes haywire and Voyeur's leaky Warp Drive has to be dumped. When B'Elanna and Paris go to pick up the ejected core, the Caatati had already stolen it. Had enough yet, B'Elanna? Nope, cos when they use the shuttle to try to pry the warp core from the Catatonici's ship, the Catatonici reverse the prying-beam on her and it destroys the shuttle, leaving her and Paris drifting around in space with no way to contact Voyeur and just a few hours of air.

Part IIIII: "Seven" Reasons why you should employ your pet Borg

Seven should wear a blue suit with an S on the front. And a cape. Cos the Caatati come back to Voyeur with warp-core in tow intending to Blackmail Janeway with it to get more Sandwiches, and maybe a few cups of Java and some apple pie while they are at it. So Seven figures out a Borg way to give them the ability to feed themselves, so they don't have to panhandle every ship in the Delta Quadrant anymore. So Seven to the Rescue, Everybody Happy Nowadays, and they even get to save B'Elanna and Tom.

The End, or not.

Not bad, this is the first Voyeur Episode without the benefit of Kes and her Magic Brain-Powers. I think it was a shame letting Jennifer Lien go the way they did, they should have kept both her and Seven. Personally I liked her a lot, and I think she became a very good actress in her last season. But it was the right thing to do to bring Voyager into Borg Space and bring on a Borg Crewoman, and Seven is still part Borg. This allowed her to interact with the Evil Borg Queens, Susanna Thompson and the Big Borg Queen Alice Krige in later episodes. Although I liked Voyager before this change, I liked this change especially as it pumped new life into the series.

In B'Elanna's Klingon Brawl Scene, you can't tell the swap between Stuntwoman Leslie Hoffman and Roxann Dawson, they had similar faces, so it looks like B'Elanna all the time. Ironically, in the Deep Space Slime Episode "What you Leave Behind" she is the one who took the fall down the stairs when the Jem'Hadar kill off Julianna McCarthy (Garak's Neela).

Overall a highly interesting episode this is, it is the first of the Seven vs B'Elanna and B'Elanna vs her Klingon Heritage shows, she has to battle both of them. This is when the dichotomies really start.

But on top of that, this episode shows Janeway not thinking straight, acting without weighing all of the potential consequences. See here, Voyager has just survived Species 857-6309 and The Borg. So what does she do after Kes flings them 9,000 Light-Years past the main bulk of Borg Space? She encounters a race of desperate Bag-Ladies who will do anything to survive, and does not consider that they would be hanging around nearby to pick up more crumbs, which they do when they steal Voyager's Warp Drive. And Janeway only sends ONE shuttle to retrieve it, she should have sent at least three.

But I suppose if Janeway didn't have lapses in Judgement like this on occasion, there would be no good stories like this.

*(Or, is that, "Roc-Egg Blood Pie"? I never got that straight, the spelling I mean)
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