"Star Trek: The Next Generation" Time's Arrow: Part 1 (TV Episode 1992) Poster


Character error 

When first arriving on Earth, Data & Picard are examining artifacts in the cave. Picard picks up a Colt revolver which Data incorrectly identifies as a Colt "double action" revolver when it is in fact a Colt "single action" revolver.
Though he says he's from New Orleans, Larouque's Southern accent is entirely out of place since the NOLA accent is more akin to Brooklyn than northern Louisiana, because of New Orleans' history as a center of immigration.


When the Forty-Niner starts to cough, he moves his right hand to his mouth, but as the camera angle changes, his left hand is at his mouth.

Factual errors 

Jack London is working as a bellboy at the Hotel Brian in San Francisco and a newspaper that Data has picked up reveals the present date as Sunday, August 13, 1893. During that year London sailed to Japan and when he returned there was much labor unrest and a financial panic gripped the San Francisco - Oakland area.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

After discussing Data, Riker and Troi join Data in the turbolift, which continues on its way. However, neither of the two tells the turbolift where they want to go, as they ordinarily would, but exit with Data at his destination. While this is indeed an unusual procedure, it could be argued that Riker and Troi assumed correctly that Data was heading in their direction, i.e. the bridge, since all bridge officers had been called to their stations only moments earlier.

Revealing mistakes 

When Data looks at the newspaper advertising Guinan's literary reception, the writing on the back page of the paper in the next shot is back to front and upside down.
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