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"Star Trek: The Next Generation" The Next Phase (1992)

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Is there life after death?

Author: russem31 from United States
28 April 2006

ST:TNG:124 - "The Next Phase" (Stardate: 45854.2) - this is the 24th episode of the 5th season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

This episode is one of my very favorites of the entire TNG run, and of all Star Trek itself. It deals with the issue of "is there life after death?", "what is death?", "what does death really mean?" - and in my opinion, in a very scientifically plausible way.

After the Enterprise responds to a Romulan distress signal, Geordi and Ro Laren (another appearance by Michelle Forbes) are pronounced dead when they try to transport back to the ship but don't re-materialize (though they actually do).

When Geordi and Ro re-materialize on the Enterprise and realize no one can see/hear them, and they can go even through walls, they assume they are dead. But soon, they get hints - including slight changes to the "real" environment "alerting" others to their presence (as a "ghost" might do). And not only this, they soon realize that there's a "dead" Romulan among them too!

But are they really dead? If not, what happened to them and can they change back in time? Watch this exciting episode to see!

The visual effects in this episode are exemplary, especially during the chase "through" the Enterprise!

Trivia note: the Bajoran Death Chant is over 2 hours long. And we see Riker playing his trombone again.

Also, this episode stars Susanna Thompson as Inmate Jaya (she will later have a claim to fame as one of the Borg Queens in Star Trek: Voyager).

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One of my personal favourites.

Author: Joshua Warren from Norway
6 February 2010

One of my personal favourites. You may think why, well I just think there's something special bout it. I mean sure the technical stuff hardly make any sense, but who cares. Also it brings us slighter into the mind of Ro Laren, a character we don't see to much of. Also it's funny what a good duo her and Geordi can be, since he most of the time is in "Data episodes".

The special effects also impressed me much the first time I saw this episode. I mean Star Ttrek have tried something similar before, but it has never looked so good. It looks incredibly real, and except for one slip off, the episodes effects are almost flawless, and pretty good even by todays standards.

I love the tension that is build up in this episode. With the Romilans plans, and the "you know who" guy ( I don't like to spoil thing) just makes this and incredible exiting episode. And since Tasha dies, we all feel that main characters dying aren't that unfeasible, so were always slightly worried about what will happen next.

It is just an exiting episode, with a great ending (I don't get Geordi's joke though)and great special effects. This is what Star Trek is for me, good character relations, and a weird problem to be solved within a time limit. It's just plane fun to watch. I give this episode a 9/10.

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Geordi and Ro become ghosts!

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
25 November 2014

When this episode begins, the Enterprise is doing something VERY unusual--it's providing assistance to a damaged Romulan ship! The crew seem grateful but soon a serious problem becomes apparent when the transporter malfunctions--making several folks disappear. They are assumed to be dead but Ro and Geordi are actually 'out of phase'. In other words, they are alive and no one can see them. Well, the crew starts mourning for their lost comrades...during which time Ro and Geordi can walk through walls and see and hear everyone. Surprisingly, they learn that the Romulans have tampered with the Enterprise's engines--and it will blow up when they engage the warp drive! Can they possibly warn their crewmates and also return to normal?

The best thing about this episode are the cool special effects. Seeing folks running through things is pretty nifty and the story is exciting and weird (in a good way). Well worth seeing.

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Please Keep the Theological Stuff Out of This. They Weren't Dead!

Author: Hitchcoc from United States
5 September 2014

This is a very good episode. It has those nasty Romulans who can't back off, even when kindness is given to them. Their ship has been severely damaged and the Enterprise comes to the rescue. They rebuild their engine and get their ship up and going. In the process, Ro and LaForge are beamed back to the ship with an engine part, but in the process they are shoved into some sort of netherworld, able to move around the ship but unseen by the crew. After a period of time with no trace of them, the crew jumps to the conclusion that they are dead. This is really fast, considering the thoroughness that they usually take. By the way, they are not dead! This is not a religious experience! It's a transporter malfunction, brought on by the Romulans who are experimenting with another of their evil devices. After the Enterprise has done everything to show good faith, the scientists on board have planted something in the Enterprise that will destroy it when it goes to warp drive. Data is the key because of his tireless analysis of the ship. Geordi and Ro are really cute as sort of combatants and friends as they try to figure a way to be seen on board the ship. The crew deals with the "deaths" of the two which is touching and shows another side of them. Ro and Riker don't really get along and there is a overt tension throughout. It's a really good episode.

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Very Good but also has a goof that is not explained in the others

Author: kbcleaner063 from United States
5 May 2010

I loved this episode, it was very good and it also gets you thinking how crazy this could end up really being if it had happened to you...

The only thing that wasn't mentioned in the goofs that I know I heard because I have DVR and replayed it was when ensign ro was fighting the romulan in the couples room and data trys to enter the room and when the lieutenant opens the door and is surprised to see data he goes Brent... which is actually data's first name outside the show....

This would have to be the only goof that is not mentioned and it was truthfully to me the easiest one to catch and is not hard to miss when the guy says out loud BRENT! and I am surprised they did not try to fix this or correct it...

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