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Capt. Picard: [after talking with the Prime Minister] "A matter of internal security." The age-old cry of the oppressor.

Capt. Picard: Prime Minister, even the most comfortable prison is still a prison.

Capt. Picard: And my understanding is that these men are programed to survive, is that correct?

Counselor Deanna Troi: Yes, Captain.

Capt. Picard: And that they will not kill unless their survival is at stake?

Lt. Commander Data: It is against their nature to do so, Captain.

Capt. Picard: Then let us hope they do not believe their survival is at stake.

Commander William T. Riker: Status report, Mr. Data.

Lt. Commander Data: I am afraid the prisoner has eluded us, sir.

Capt. Picard: [incredulous] Eluded the Enterprise?

[Roga Danar is on the loose on the Enterprise]

Lieutenant Worf: There is a full contingent of Security at all shuttlebays.

Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge: You want my advice? Double it!

Roga Danar: My improved reflexes have allowed me to kill 84 times. And my improved memory lets me remember each of those 84 faces. Can you understand how that feels?

Lt. Commander Data: I am incapable of any feeling.

Roga Danar: Why, then I envy you.

Counselor Deanna Troi: [of Danar] He's intelligent, thoughtful - typically Angosian. I know what he's done. But when I'm with him, I cannot believe that he is randomly and deliberately violent. In fact, inherently, he has a non-violent personality.

Capt. Picard: Counselor, it took five men to restrain him. And he took apart half the transporter room in the process.

Lieutenant Worf: You are cunning. You must have Klingon blood. But the battle is over.

Roga Danar: My battle is never over.

Capt. Picard: Lunar V - an orbiting gulag.

Capt. Picard: They're your brothers, your sons. And you turned your backs on them.

[the Angosian Prime Minister with his staff and the away team of the Enterprise are held at gunpoint by Roga Danar and his fellow inmates]

Prime Minister Nayrok: Captain, you must do something. Call your ship.

Capt. Picard: Quite right, Prime Minister.

[he activates his combadge]

Capt. Picard: Enterprise, prepare to beam the away team back.

Capt. Picard: In your own words, this is not our affair. We cannot interfere in the natural course of your society's development. And I'd say it's going to develop significantly in the next few minutes.

Counselor Deanna Troi: [referring to Lunar V] Do they mistreat you there?

Roga Danar: [chuckles] Not at all. I'm comfortable, well-fed and housed... No, no, the Angosians take good care of their prisoners. It's simply a matter of never being able to leave.

[Deanna is talking to Danar in the holding cell]

Counselor Deanna Troi: I want to help, if I can.

Roga Danar: [sarcastic] Unlock the door.

Lt. Commander Data: I believe you and I have something in common.

Roga Danar: We do?

Lt. Commander Data: Yes. We have both been programed.

Roga Danar: Ah, yes. Yes, you've been talking to Counselor Troi. It is not at all the same, android.

Lt. Commander Data: I do not mean to belittle your condition. I understand your dilemma. But... I am curious. My program can be altered. Yours cannot?

Roga Danar: The man I was is still inside me, but this... this conditioning has been imposed - woven together with my thoughts, and my feelings, and my responses. How do you separate the program from the man?

Lt. Commander Data: Without further analysis of your condition from Counselor Troi or Dr. Crusher, I cannot say. But I believe it is possible.

Roga Danar: Yeah, *doctors*! The Angosian *doctors* did this to me. If it could be undone, wouldn't they undo it?

Lt. Commander Data: I cannot answer that.

Roga Danar: Nor can I. Yet I ask myself that question every moment of every day.

Capt. Picard: Mr. Danar, I'm transferring you to Angosian Security. They're en route, they will arrive shortly. I wanted to tell you... I have no choice. The Prime Minister insisted, and we have no right to refuse.

Roga Danar: Well, you would be foolish to consider it otherwise, Captain, for they are very correct. I am dangerous. There is no place for me in a civilized society.

Counselor Deanna Troi: I do not believe that.

Lt. Commander Data: Nor do I.

Capt. Picard: I respect my officers' judgments. I wish I could help further. If a way appears, I will.

Roga Danar: I appreciate your telling me that face to face.

Capt. Picard: I thought you deserved that much.

Roga Danar: And you deserve to know that I must use whatever means I can to escape.

Prime Minister Nayrok: You were programed to survive. You can survive at the Lunar V settlement.

Roga Danar: To survive is not enough. To simply exist... is not enough!

Counselor Deanna Troi: Roga, tell them what you want.

Roga Danar: We want our lives back. We want to come home.

Prime Minister Nayrok: I am not prepared to negotiate under threat, Danar. But if you will put down your weapons and return peaceably to Lunar V... I would be willing.

Roga Danar: Mr. Prime Minister, with all due respect, you will have to force us. Or at least try.

Capt. Picard: Number One - will you note in our report that if the government of Angosia survives the night, we will offer them Federation assistance in their efforts to reprogram their veterans.

Commander William T. Riker: And if the government doesn't survive?

Capt. Picard: I have a feeling they will choose to.

Counselor Deanna Troi: Perhaps when this planet becomes a member of the Federation, we'll be able...

Roga Danar: I will not be there to see it, Counselor. Because even with this overwhelming demand to survive that they've built into my soul... I would rather die than return to Lunar V.

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