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Character error 

The substance offered by the Ligonians is alternately referred to as a vaccine and an antidote. A vaccine is something given to someone before they become sick in order to prevent the illness. An antidote is given to someone after a poisonous substance has entered their body to fight it off.


In Star Trek: The Next Generation: Encounter at Farpoint, Picard states that the panel to the right side of his chair is for log entries and intercoms. But when Lutan calls the Enterprise, Picard reaches to the left side of his chair to operate the intercom.
In the cargo bay where Lutan arrives, a roll of carpet is laid down for him to walk on. However in the next scene the roll has been turned around for Lutan's second to unroll it by kicking it.
During Troi's conversation with Picard and Yar, where she recommends that Yar accept Yareena's challenge, her arms change between hanging beside her body and crossed behind her back.

Crew or equipment visible 

Studio lights and set rigging reflected in the Conference room windows.

Factual errors 

Captain Picard orders a display of photon torpedoes to detonate "1,000 meters short of the planet's surface" (equivalent to 3,280 feet). The torpedoes clearly detonate above the planet's visible atmosphere. While the exact altitude is unknown because of the size of the planet and the atmosphere, the altitude is at least 200-300 km (125 to 185 miles), massively higher than 1,000 meters.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

When Yar is kidnapped the crew wonders what to do, and Picard dramatically orders a barrage of torpedoes as a show of force. But Yar's location could have been determined via her communication pin, and she could simply have been beamed back. However, without compromising the Prime Directive (which is what the whole story is all about) and risking a war with the Ligonians, that would probably not have been a viable option.

Plot holes 

At the beginning of the fight, it is stated that both combatants will continue until there is a victory and that no one may interrupt. When one of them loses her glove, however, the fight is stopped until the weapon can be returned.

Revealing mistakes 

During the fight between Tasha and Yareena, from one angle it is clearly Tasha's stunt double fighting.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.


In the fight scene, Tasha wears the weapon on her left arm. After defeating Yareena she beams with her to the Enterprise. When we see her in the transporter room the weapon has mysteriously switched to her right arm.

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