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Plot Summary

  • Spock's court-martial board views the video stream from Talos IV of Captain Pike's imprisonment 13 years earlier and of the Enterprise's attempts to rescue him. The Talosians, using their powers of mind-reading and illusion, place Pike in worlds from both his memory and his imagination. The one constant is Vina, the beautiful blonde survivor of a crashed Earth ship (the other half of a Talosian plan for a captive Adam and Eve). Number One's attempts to liberate Pike result in her and Yeoman Colt's capture (additional breeding stock for the Talosian plan), but when the humans and Talosians learn more of each other, the situation takes a turn neither side expects. As the Enterprise approaches Talos IV once again, Kirk and the court watch the past unfold and learn the real reason for Spock's mutiny.

    - Written by Tom D.
  • Mr. Spock's court martial is ongoing and they continue to receive transmissions from Talos IV. The Talosians have the ability of creating any illusion in people's minds. The illusions can be pleasant or very painful. It is clear that they want Captain Pike to bond with another Earthling they have prisoner, the beautiful Vina. He resists and is punished as a result but he also realizes the Talosians can't read his thoughts if they are violent and angry. Eventually, the Talosians realize that humans are not suitable subjects and allow him to go free, but Vina has good reason to stay behind. Spock's court-martial comes to a surprising conclusion and his purpose in transporting Pike to Talos IV becomes obvious.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • At Spock's court martial, he explains himself with mysterious footage about when Capt. Pike was kidnapped by powerful illusion casting aliens.

    - Written by Kenneth Chisholm


Spock faces the death penalty. The Enterprise is speeding toward a forbidden planet. The video suddenly resumes...

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