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The Andy Griffith Show (1960) (TV Series)
Jim and Edith walk in front of Floyd's Barber Shop, the same building adjacent to the sheriff's office of Mayberry, NC.

Referenced in 

Mission: Impossible: The Freeze (1968) (TV Episode)
Rollin Hand, posing as a Doctor, orders "5 cc's of Cordrazine" for Raymond Barrett. This is the same fictional drug with which Dr. McCoy is accidentally injected in the episode "City on the Edge of Forever".
Star Trek: Yesteryear (1973) (TV Episode)
Captain Kirk and Spock once again travel back in time through the Guardian of Forever.
Star Trek: Voyager: Future's End (1996) (TV Episode)
Captain Janeway refers to 20th century technology as "stone knives and bearskins."
South Park: City on the Edge of Forever (1998) (TV Episode)
Episode is named after this episode of Star Trek, on top of that someone wears the same outfit from Star Trek.
Free Enterprise (1998)
Episode mentioned by Mark in his office when talking to William Shatner. Also mentioned by Mark at Robert's apartment.
Futurama: Where No Fan Has Gone Before (2002) (TV Episode)
The "Star Trek" cast arrive through the Guardian of Forever. William Shatner's final line is "Let's get the hell outta here."
Star Trek: Enterprise: Carbon Creek (2002) (TV Episode)
T'Mir and Mestral steal clothes from a washing line in order to blend in.
Frasier: Star Mitzvah (2002) (TV Episode)
Frasier buys Noel Joan Collins' wig as an apology gift
Trekkies 2 (2004)
A replica of the Guardian of Forever was displayed at the Minnesota convention.
Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II: In Harm's Way (2004) (TV Episode)
The Gateway to the past appears again
Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II: World Enough and Time (2007) (TV Episode)
Alana mentions Edith Keeler, McCoy uses cordrazine on Sulu again.
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men (2007) (Video)
The Guardian of Forever causes another time paradox
Star Trek Online (2010) (Video Game)
The player speaks to the Guardian, from this episode.
The Big Bang Theory: The Transporter Malfunction (2012) (TV Episode)
When Sheldon dreams he's on Vulcan, the Guardian of Forever appears in the background
Suits: Normandy (2013) (TV Episode)
When Harvey asks Mike if he knows how they won World War II, Mike replies that it is because "Spock didn't let Kirk save Joan Collins from getting hit by that car"; this is a reference to the Star Trek episode "The City on the Edge of Forever". Mike then asks Harvey if he is Spock or Kirk, but Harvey replies that he is Uhura.
Midnight Screenings: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (2014) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue.
Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II: Mind-Sifter (2014) (TV Episode)
The Guardian of Forever appears and a newspaper clipping about Edith Keeler is part of the many images seen through the Guardian.
Star Trek Continues: The White Iris (2015) (TV Episode)
Dialog and character
Star Trek Timelines (2016) (Video Game)
Edith Keeler appears in this game.
Sleepy Hollow: Ragnarok (2016) (TV Episode)
Crane mentions the episode.
StarTalk: William Shatner (2016) (TV Episode)
William Shatner says this is one of his favorite episodes
Star Trek: Discovery: The Vulcan Hello (2017) (TV Episode)
"The City on the Edge of Forever" is one of the books in Captain Georgiou's ready room.

Featured in 

William Shatner's Star Trek Memories (1995) (Video)
Clips shown
Cosmic Thoughts (2003) (Video)
A clip from 'The City on the Edge of Forever' is shown in 'Cosmic Thoughts'.
Bring Back... Star Trek (2009) (TV Movie)
Brief clip of Joan Collins shown

Spoofed in 

Red Dwarf: Tikka to Ride (1997) (TV Episode)
Episode is a parody of this episode of Star Trek with JFK in place of Kirk's love interest.

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