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  • On a mission to establish diplomatic relations at Star Cluster NGC321, Kirk and Spock beam down to planet Eminiar 7 to learn that its inhabitants have been at war with a neighboring planet for over 500 years. They can find no damage nor evidence of destruction but soon learn that their war is essentially a war game, where each planet attacks the other in a computer simulation with the tabulated victims voluntarily surrendering themselves for execution after the fact. When the Enterprise becomes a victim in the computer simulation and ordered destroyed, Kirk decides it's time to show them exactly what war means.

  • Kirk and Spock must save their ship's crew when they are declared all killed in action in a bizarre computer simulated war where the actual deaths must occur to continue.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Mea is a pretty woman with blond hair that she wears up. She dresses in a flowing sheer garment.

    Her planet is called Eminiar. They are neighbors with a planet nearby called Vendikar. Very nice planets with nice buildings and beautiful, well-dressed people.

    The Enterprise is taking a trip and comes nearby Eminiar. They get a radio warning saying to get out. Kirk decides to beam down with a landing party. --

    Himself, Spock, two redshirts and a very beautiful Japanese Yeoman named Yeoman Tamara beam down.

    She does her job very well, as she is recording the trip on the tricorder, and also keeping in communication with the enterprise. - Kirk appreciates her help-.

    When they arrive on Eminiar, They meet Mea, and Kirk looks her over.

    Mea has a mean look. She says

    "Captain, you should not have come. You are in danger. We are at war."

    Kirk looks around him. What the hell? He says

    "Mea, the buildings are all here. You cannot have been at war too long'.

    Mea says

    "For 500 years we have been at war. I must take you to Anan VII". (Pronounced "Ah-Nahn' Seven).

    Kirk is confused but he, and Yeoman Tamara, and the others follow Mea to the leader's office.

    Anan opens the door using the automatic door opener.

    Kirk says

    "What the hell is this?"

    Anan says,

    "Captain, calm down, we are at war with Vendikar."

    Kirk says,

    "the buildings are all standing, I see no smoke."

    Anan invites Kirk to the war room. Guess What? It's a computer room with lights and sounds.

    Kirk thinks,

    'what in hell is this'.

    He says to Spock,

    "They're fighting by computer. Funny."

    Meanwhile, a tall blond American-type man comes in and whispers to Anan. Anan immediately orders security guards to surround all of them, including Tamara.

    Anan says,

    "we warned you. it's too late. Your ship is a casualty of war, all of your men are dead."

    "What the hell" says Kirk, and he uses his communicator to call Scotty on the ship.

    "Scotty, is all ok?"

    Scotty's voice says "Yes."

    Kirk talks to Anan.

    "What the hell is this? My men are fine."

    Anan says

    "They have 24 hours to report to the disintegration chambers, but they ARE dead, including you, including all of your female yeomen."

    Spock whispers to Kirk,

    "It is simulated, Jim. They fight wars by video."

    Kirk is angry now.

    "Do you think we will just walk into a chamber which will kill us?"

    Anan says

    "Order all your men to come down."

    "No!!" says Kirk.

    Anan says loudly "Take them away and lock them in."

    When they get to their room, Tamara says to Kirk

    "Captain, I am frightened." Kirk comforts her.

    Spock says

    "We need to get a message to Scotty. I will use a mind meld on the guard outside."

    Kirk says

    "Can you do it through a wall?"

    Spock says

    "I am making a "suggestion" in his mind that we have all escaped."

    At the same time, Anan is using a fake voice machine to speak like Jim, and to tell Scotty to beam everyone down. Scotty is listening. he is temporarily in command and sitting in the Captain's chair.

    Anan stops speaking. Scotty turns to McCoy.

    "Did that sound like the Captain?"

    McCoy says

    "Not the Captain I know."

    Scotty says out loud

    "Computer! Compare the message we just heard with the Captain's voice imprint in the security library."

    the computer does.

    Scotty says

    "Question. Are they the same voice?"

    Computer says "NEGATIVE."

    Now Scotty knows something is wrong - meanwhile - Guess What? Spock tricked the guard and the guard unlocked the door to check, and gave him a neck pinch to knock him out.

    They run down the hallway. Yeoman Tamara is shorter, so she has to run faster.

    They see Mea. -- Kirk grabs her.

    She says

    "Let me go."

    He says "where are you going?"

    She says

    "I was killed in the last attack. I must go and disintegrate myself."

    Kirk says

    "No you ar not" -- in a commanding voice -- .

    Yeoman Tamara holds her tight, even though Mea is taller.

    Kirk says

    "Spock, distract that guard at the disintegration chamber door".

    Spock walks up and says to the guard and says

    "Sir, there is a multi-legged creature crawling on your shoulder." -- in other words, an insect.

    The guard looks at his shoulder, like a fool, and Spock gives him a neck pinch on the other shoulder.

    Kirk turns on his Phaser to a low setting and fires. The chamber glows and is destroyed.

    --meanwhile, guess what -- Anan can't get the Enterprise to believe him, and he is panicked.

    Kirk bursts in with his people, and Anan yells at him.

    "Captain" he yells "If you do not let us disintegrate our casualties, Vendikar will have no choice but to start using real weapons, and both planets and all their people, will be destroyed. You will be destroying two planets."

    Kirk smiles, in that way of his, and says

    "Well, let's find out."

    --and he and Spock fire their phasers into the entire computer and it is oblierated.

    Kirk says

    "Now you have two choices. Either fire real weapons or talk peace".

    by the way, there is an Ambassador named Fox, who is like a girl in his gentleness, and his legal assistant, and he foolishly beamed down to negotiate and was almost disintegrated. But


    -- now he might be useful. He says to Anan VII,

    "I can be the negotiator. I studied in school to be a diplomat, and although I do not know about fighting, I know about talking peace."

    Anan is still angry, but he looks at Fox and says "Maybe we can do it. We will try."

    Kirk, Tamara and Spock smile and laugh because they know peace is possible. Wow.

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