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A familiar plot.
kfo94943 August 2016
Arthur O'Connell stars in this episode as an Irishman named Matt Dexter who is a vagabond traveling the rural west. Dexter makes money in local saloons where he plays his harmonica for coins. One evening after making some small change, Dexter leaves the saloon and witnesses Den Wilkins shoot a local lawyer named Johnson dead. At the time of the shooting Wilkins has two of his friends, Ralston and North, nearby and they tell the Marshal that the shooting was in self-defense. However, Dexter knows this is not true but wants nothing to do with the evil men so he cuts town and heads west.

The law begins to look for Dexter as a material witness in the trial but he has already left the area. Ralston and North know that they have to find the Irishman before the law and make sure he does not talk. And dead men tell no tales.

Dexter, in the mean time, has found shelter in an area near Outpost. Davey finds him playing his harmonica and they become friends. Dexter knows that the two men will be looking for him so he makes a pact with Davey not to tell anyone his whereabouts. But when Ralston overhears a conversation with a store clerk, they know that Davey will lead them to the man they want killed.

This was a simple plot that has been played out in many forms of entertainment. Thus, the situation was no big surprise to the viewer. There were some nice scene but nothing that really stood out as remarkable. They only thing new to the plot was the fact that the Irishman and Davey both played the harmonica but that never really stirred much interest. It was an average show for an average plot.
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