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Astronaut John Jameson tells the public he plans to investigate counter earth, a planet on the other side of a manmade wormhole. At the launch of his spaceship, Solaris 1, Peter Parker notices Venom & Carnage plan to hitch a ride with John. He tries to stop them as Spiderman but fails. They get inside after the ship enters space, & interrupt John's last transmission. When J. Jonah (John's father) hears the scream, & sees Spiderman parachuting down, he immediately labels him as the Saboteur; leading the whole city to turn against him. Days later, after seeing a news broadcast with footage of John on counter earth, Peter decides to clear Spiderman's name by going to save John. Six months later, armed w/ new technology & an improved suit, he takes his chance by flying Solaris 2 to counter earth himself.


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