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A confusing, yet rather entertaining start
CrackerJack3013 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When I first watch this I had no clue what was coming at me. I admit, I just thought "oh, another Spiderman series" and that was just what I expected: Our Webslinger, them good old foes (Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Kingpin – you know the deal), MJ and Aunt May, The Lizard, Eddie Brock, Triple J... All the right stuff for a new Spidey show.

Little did I know, this one is completely different. The Story-Arc about the so-called "Counter Earth" is rather promising, but some elements just doesn't work here. Especially Venom & Carnage are VERY different from the villains we use to know from other Spidey-Shows or Comics. We never really see the hosts of the alien parasites (Eddie Brock and Cletus Kasady) plus they seem to have changed to some kind of liquid shapeshifters – very odd! It's also rather hard to believe that the NY-Citizens forget everything Spiderman had done for them in no time and start to attack him (inlcuding firemen that just saw him save a mother & child from a burning house and calling him "Murderer" for no reason at all) just because Triple J said so…

In Counter-Earth, Liberace seems to be the main technician considering the purple and rosy look of the Machine-Man and Hoover-Bikes of the Beastials there… Fun aside, the Beastials are interesting new entries to the Marvel-Universe and damn, that new Spidey-Suit (inventet by Dr. Reed Richards as he mentioned in this episode) is cool!… even with that stupid web-cape >.<

All in all a little messy episode, but still entertaining enough to keep on watching!
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