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"Space: 1999" goes in search of a brain...
MartinHafer25 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The show begins with a weird green probe scanning the crew. All the humans are paralyzed and don't realize what is happening, but Maya is aware and the process is painful--particularly because it focuses most of its energy on her. Then, the probe disappears--only to be replaced by a green space craft. It is the Dorcons--come to steal Maya's brain!! I am not kidding. And, because the Dorcons are so powerful it looks as if the Alphans have no choice but to let them take Maya. Even though they do put up a bit of a fight, it's pretty pathetic and Maya is kidnapped. Koenig is able to infiltrate the Dorky ship and hopes to somehow, against all odds, rescue her.

This isn't a great episode (it's indifferently written), but considering season two of the series wasn't particularly good, it works well enough and is interesting--though hardly a must-see unless you are a nut determined to see every show from this series (like me).
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