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funnest episode of season...at least
MontrealExpos25 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is so much fun and could be viewed by a member of any religion with a smile on his/her face. Nothing could be funnier than the key figures of the all the worlds major religions laughing at the funny use of the word semen. Parker and Stone don't miss including any of them, even Joe Smith, and they're not the ones getting picked on. You get it early what character in the episode that's getting made fun of. South Park hits on so many sensitive issues and this could be perceived as one but it's not even close. An extreme magician is being laughed at not those that are prayed to. It seems like the superpowers of each one is so right on track.
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Weird episode
gangstahippie27 September 2008
Super Best Friends is a strange little episode of South Park.It has something to do with cults, in this case the cult of David Blaine the magician.He comes to South Park and shows off his magic tricks.The kids are wowed by it and join the David Blaine camp, however its really a cult.Stan decides to leave but Kyle does not want to.Stan is now worried for Kyle and the others.Blaine then states his plans for a mass suicide because they would not make his religion "Blanetology" legitimate.Stan then asks the help of the "Super Best Friends".They include Jesus, Buddha and the prophet Muhammed(years after this episode aired there was controversy about Muhammad being shown in a newspaper and South Park spoofed this in the Cartoon wars episode).Super Best Friends is an weird and good South park episode.
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No upset over the depiction of Mohammed? Shocking.
mtppatrick1 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I'm surprised the terrorists didn't launch a strike attack against parker and stone since the extremest Islams are so touchy feely on the depiction of their savior. Mohammad had a good amount or airtime and is seen talking and even gets whacked by the living Lincoln memorial statue. I thought people would get enraged over this. In a later episode of south park, cartoon wars, the use of Mohammad's picture in a family guy episode was a big part of the plot, and he still didn't even end up getting shown. I wasn't even aware of this episode after seeing cartoon wars until a friend of mine showed it to me. The point I'm getting at is this. Why do people make such a big deal of Mohammad being shown while this episode has a clear depiction of him without any harsh criticism by the extremists?
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