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Mr Garrison's class hosts a lecture by choir teacher Ms Stevens, who is leading a childrens choir for the cause, "Getting Gay With Kids." When Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman disrupt the speech, Mr Garrison sends them to the Principal's office, where Mr Mackey decides that a fitting punishment should be for the four of them to join the choir on their upcoming trip to Costa Rica. The only one who does not object is Kenny, who has grown infatuated with one of the girls in the choir named Kelly.

Upon making it to Costa Rica, Cartman (naturally) becomes the most vocal of the kids, putting down the city as well as the residents of the place, much to Ms Stevens' exasperation.

Before the presentation the next, day Ms Stevens and the kids are treated to a tour of the rainforest, but end up lost when their guide is eaten by a snake. Their attempts to get out are thwarted as they find a group of revolutionaries, large bugs. Cartman finally has enough and wanders off on his own, finding a logging company.

Even though he has hated the trip so far, Cartman and the loggers manage to rescue the others and Ms Stevens, who have been captured by local natives.

By the end of the entire trip, everyone on the choir has grown disenchanted by the rainforest, and at their choir performance, change the lyrics to reflect the need to destroy the rainforest.
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